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Cisco: Lighting up the Smart Grid

…pearance at this event (booth #2037), I’m excited to report progress on a number of fronts related to our Smart Grid business. We are working with new customers, adding talent to our team and engaging with partners to put into place the pieces of a comprehensive, Smart Grid strategy.  Yesterday, we announced an exciting new engagement with ENMAX, a leading Canadian utility that serves more than 600,000 customers in the Calgary reg…


Smart Grid & Spectrum – Setting the Record Straight

One of the key policy debates now ongoing in Washington DC is whether to set aside spectrum for use in the smart grid – spectrum that the utilities could themselves use for their own deployments.  In a recent filing at the FCC, Cisco provided its thoughts on how the FCC might evaluate policies to promote and accelerate the use of smart grid technologies across the country.  As it turns out,  a portion of our filing was misre…


A Culture Shift: IT Security to Smart Grid Security

With the global excitement and opportunity of the Smart Grid, a lot of historically IT-focused companies, including Cisco, are entering the market. It’s important to note that there are unique characteristics of the grid when attempting to apply IT security solutions. In this post I’ll focus on the primary goal of power generation and delivery: reliability. In subsequent posts I’ll discuss other security requirements of the…


From IETF 76 Japan to the Internet of Things!

…s or IoT. At the IETF 76 held in Hiroshima, Japan, one of the Birds of a Feather sessions I had attended was on Smart Grid co-chaired by Fred Baker, Cisco and Tim Polk, NIST. The question to answer is “Where should the Smart Grid standardization occur and what role will the IETF have in its standards development?” The topic is still open, and the Internet Society published a great list of hotly debated issues at IETF 76. When we thin…


Securing Smart Meters

…ging his mind about the potential for a wide-spread attack to the nation’s electrical infrastructure. The grid is unique in that most of the grid’s assets are publicly accessible. With that in mind, good security practitioners will ASSUME that public assets like meters will be compromised. The trick is how to build a resilient smart grid even when most of the assets are subject to compromise. The key is to protect sensitive upstr…