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From IETF 76 Japan to the Internet of Things!

Ok I am visiting Australia, and in between meetings thinking about that notion of the Internet of Things or IoT. At the IETF 76 held in Hiroshima, Japan, one of the Birds of a Feather sessions I had attended was on Smart Grid co-chaired by Fred Baker, Cisco and Tim Polk, NIST. The question to answer is “Where should the Smart Grid standardization occur and what role will the IETF have in its standards development?” The topic is still…


Securing Smart Meters

In this article Ira Winkler discusses how meter vulnerabilities are changing his mind about the potential for a wide-spread attack to the nation’s electrical infrastructure. The grid is unique in that most of the grid’s assets are publicly accessible. With that in mind, good security practitioners will ASSUME that public assets like meters will be compromised. The trick is how to build a resilient smart grid even when most of the…


People Power: Smart Grid is About More Than Just Smart Technology

*Posted by Rob Aldrich for Jenny Carless, contributor to News@Cisco* The smart grid is not just about smart technology – it’s also about how people use that technology to be smarter about their own behavior. Business and municipal leaders have figured this out, and they’re addressing a critical piece of the climate change puzzle: empowering consumers to help reduce global warming by being smarter about their own behavior. Smart


What You Need to Know About Cisco’s Smart Grid Partner Ecosystem

What if we could fundamentally change the way we consume energy and green our planet? Yesterday we announced a Partner Ecosystem for Smart Grid that will help us do just that. While this announcement has big implications for energy consumption, what implications does it have for you, our partners? We sat down with Steve Benvenuto — Cisco’s Director of Emerging Technologies and New Markets — who shared his insights around this i…


Cisco Smart Grid Momentum: Announcing our new Smart Grid Business Unit SVP/GM

Utilities around the world are joining with government and industry to modernize the global electrical infrastructure for the 21st century.  Enabling the “Smart Grid” is one of Cisco’s top priorities and is a market adjacency that has the possibility of becoming Cisco’s largest opportunity since the Internet. As we announced today relationships with new partners, customers and industry organizations to make the visio…