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VersaStack Solution: A Foundation for Innovation

…joining forces to introduce the VersaStack solution, a new integrated system that combines the performance and innovation of Cisco UCS Integrated Infrastructure—which includes the Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS), ACI-Ready Cisco 9000 Nexus switches, Cisco MDS switches, and Cisco UCS Director—with the versatility and efficiency of the IBM Storwize V7000 storage. Why now? It’s actually quite simple: market momentum and customer demand. C…


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Defeat IT Complexity To Free Time For Innovation

…ve “Defeat IT Complexity” webcast on Tuesday December 10, 2014, to help you to achieve outstanding results with innovation and simplification. Many of you probably have already realized it. Dealing with IT complexity is steadily taking a growing portion of your time, as more and more devices, users and applications join the online world. To boost  your ability for innovation and better business results, you need help to free up yourself from rou…


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The Internet of Things Accelerates Innovation and Value Creation for Manufacturers

…their businesses, operational complexity increases and competitive pressure builds—driving the need for faster innovation, quicker time to market, and more efficient processes. Those who can’t keep up are left behind. The Internet of Things is in the middle of all this, both spurring disruption and helping companies deal with it. IoT is a key component of the Internet of Everything (IoE), which is the networked connection of people, process, dat…


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Context…Not Content…Is King : How Mobility Is Accelerating Innovation in an IoE World

…ct events and alert workers to vacate an area if, for example, an explosion is imminent. Mobility: Accelerating Innovation During our IoE value at stake research, we conservatively calculated for unknown advances and innovations. We also knew that the pace of innovation is on a logarithmic curve. As time goes by, it is becoming increasingly clear that mobility is one technology that is driving exponential change across all industries and the publ…


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Innovation for Every Type of Customer Expands Partner Opportunities

…s leading up to Collaboration Summit 2014 this week in Los Angeles. In addition to yesterday’s news, today, the innovation continues as we announce two new Business Edition collaboration solutions for businesses of every size. Designed for partners to take to market, these packaged collaboration solutions make it easier for you to sell, deploy, and manage. Packaged Collaboration for Every Size Business The new Cisco Business Edition 6000S is des…