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How Cisco, eBay and Adobe are leveraging SAP HANA on UCS as a Business Innovation Platform

The ability of companies to innovate is more important than ever.  To respond rapidly to evolving business trends, or change the way they interact with customers, companies need a powerful platform for innovation that can analyze huge data volumes to identify new customer patterns, adapt quickly to new market opportunities and adjust their business processes to maximize growth and profitability. But how easy is this to do? What do you need to do…


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#HigherEdThursdays – Using Technology to Create Cultural Shifts

…ion, and between institutions. While change can be daunting, the need to change can be an important catalyst for innovation. Many colleges, universities, and university systems are strapped for resources. But those organizations that identify and drive innovation from within can often operate on a drastically reduced budget. Steve Jobs said, “Innovation has nothing to do with how many R&D dollars you have. When Apple came up with the Mac, IBM…


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Social Selling in Action—Part 1: Innovation starts with Sales

…ers in this new and constantly changing environment.  I spoke with Allison and Bernard separately to discuss the innovation that is taking place within the Social Selling program and the focus on delivering measurable ROI. This is the first installation in a 3-part series that reviews Cisco’s unique approach to  Social Selling. Innovation starts with Sales Jennifer Roberts (JR): In ten seconds or less what is Social Selling? Allison Aldrid…


Open Innovation Everywhere: Extending Cisco Entrepreneurs in Residence to Innovation Hubs across the U.S

Back in March, I wrote about Cisco’s continued focus on innovation and my personal goal of accelerating innovation by making openness part of our DNA. Similarly, at the recent Cisco Live event in San Francisco, I talked about the incredible Inertnet of Everything (IoE) journey in front of us and offered a few examples of what that future might hold. The IoE future of hyper-connected devices, people, data and processes will see retail, manufactur…


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Tech Innovation Emerges within Carriers’ Legacy Environments

…ce executives struggle to maintain legacy products while simultaneously addressing concerns and uncertainties of innovation. This makes innovation sound like a scary proposition, but applying innovation does not have to be scary. It requires a C-suite sponsor who understands the ROI of technology investments and then gives authority to “go-getters” and mobilizers within their organizations to implement these changes. These individuals are motivat…


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