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Tina Shakour

Well, I was born in Indiana, grew up in O-HI-O, spent a winter in Seattle and have been firmly entrenched in San Francisco, CA since 2002. That may explain a lot of things up front! I graduated from THE Ohio State University with honors and a degree in Communications in Culture and Society. This pretty much qualified me to be a graduate student or work at the mall. I have always loved computers and was always the geek girl who could fix your computer when it wouldn't print. After an exciting un-paid internship at the Chamber of Commerce in DC, I realized I should be getting paid for all this "computer stuff". Through sheer stubbornness, I got my first job answering incoming sales calls for a computer company. I worked my way into technical support and eventually into the IT department for the Limited Brands. After awhile I moved to Worldcom/MCI/UUnet in Columbus, OH to do DNS (BIND - the real kind of DNS) and Microsoft Exchange Administration. The dot-com boom came and I moved to the West coast to work for F5 Networks. Then the day came when I got a recruiting call from Cisco. That was like the dream come true for a girl from Ohio who used to suffer through tech support calls. Since my time at Cisco, I've always been the voice chick. I spent several years as an SE (systems engineer) in Sales, then an SE Manager in Public Sector. During those years I passed the Voice CCIE lab and converted as many customers as possible from legacy PBX systems to a Cisco IP-based system. Now I spend my time co-hosting TechWiseTV as the Collaboration Expert and working hard to understand Collaboration and IP Communications industry trends throughout the globe. I spend alot of time on social media and networking sites - they are my latest passion! I really have no idea how we managed without them before and I firmly believe anyone not embracing the new technologies will be left behind. I am thrilled to live in San Francisco and still get giddy driving across Golden Gate bridge. My husband is also part of the Cisco family through the Ironport acquisition - this provides us many hours of fascinating and geeky dinner conversation.

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