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AEM, Jive and an updated Cisco Mobile App!

It’s the New Year here at Cisco, at least from a fiscal perspective, and one of the most exciting projects we have completed this year within our Digital team is the updated version of the Cisco Mobile App!

The new Cisco App!

The new Cisco App!

If you haven’t already, you can download it through the iTunes Apps Store for iOS or Google Play for Android. The latest release of the App includes many upgrades including real-time Cisco news feeds, enhanced video capabilities and product updates.

As we march in to the New Year, we continue converging and standardizing our assortment of Digital tools. Specifically, we are very focused on Adobe AEM and Jive.

  • Adobe AEM – We continue expanding our use of Adobe AEM to manage our web properties like The big news here is that we plan to start using AEM in a Cisco hosted hybrid cloud to also power our INTERNAL web properties.  As I alluded to in a blog post back in February, we are hoping to drive both content and process efficiencies from standardizing on a single platform for web in the the cloud.
  • Jive – Similar to AEM, we are already using Jive on many of our external communities and the new move is to use the same platform for our INTERNAL communities. Starting in September, we plan on using a Jive cloud service for internal Cisco communities. This will be on a limited basis to begin with, but we hope to expand the usage throughout the year.

I think there will be some interesting possibilities and benefits with integrating Jive Communities in to an AEM powered web experience. Social will become more and more integrated within the daily digital workflow on our web properties. Furthermore, by converging our platforms, we will put Customers, Partners and Employees in closer contact with each other.

Any large companies (10,000+ employees) that have either implemented both AEM and Jive or have implemented either one for both internal and external use interested in sharing best practices?  Let me know and let’s get together!

Super Voice: The power to reach millions at the same time

August 6, 2014 at 9:58 am PST

You’ve already seen what I had to say about Wonder Vision and The Alchemist. Up next is Super Voice! As I continue my series on marketing superpowers, you’ll continue to see updates from each of the superheroes below, and I’ll make sure you have links to each blog post for your convenience. Here is what we’ve covered so far, and what is yet to come:

  • Wonder Vision – The power to see what no one yet can see
  • Alchemist – The power to blend art with science in a way no one can ignore
  • Super Voice – The power to reach millions at the same time
  • Data Man – The power to turn piles of data into competitive insights and deliver real marketing value
  • Mega Mentor – The power to get the most from others

Let’s have a look at Super Voice!

Cutting through the clutter to tell a relevant story is no easy feat for anyone. That’s why we need to develop a Super Voice. Read More »

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A Virtual Path to Better IT

main edition cover

Are you discovering that your data center is having a hard time keeping up with the demand of the business? In today’s consumer-driven world, IT must work in alliance with your overall business strategy—enabling it, not hindering it. But you already knew that.

So what are your options? Start by considering your infrastructure.

Do you update on an “as-needed” basis, investing in technology that meets needs for the moment? Do you rely on physical servers that quickly become overloaded, maybe resulting in the inability to efficiently handle the influx of data coming from mobile devices and concurrent network connections? Traditional data centers weren’t built for the traffic we encounter today.

Your IT infrastructure is your conduit for business success. And, as is usually the case, a sturdy foundation is the first and foremost step in assuring structural support. With the groundwork laid, moving from a physical to a virtual environment is certainly a viable option. Private, public, or hybrid clouds may decrease your data center footprint and associated expenses, allowing you to scale rapidly and respond faster to the needs of the business. But is it secure?

Many questions hover around the cloud, to which there are many possible answers. Unleashing IT helps inform and guide your decisions that translate to accelerated business outcomes—advice and information from industry experts is available in the online resource section, and we highlight your industry peers’ experiences. Check out the articles in Volume 3, Issue 3, and discover how CAP COM decided it was time to stop adjusting to the “now” and invest in a data center that supports future needs. Or learn how CommScope made a bold business transformation with a customer briefing center, showpiece, and data center—all in one.

Subscribe now and see what is possible to make amazing happen for your business. Browse the website or request your own complimentary copy, in print or PDF form.

CP edition Cover

Subscribers also have access to the new special edition, Unleashing IT, Cisco Powered. Learn about our partnerships with industry leaders to provide quality managed IT services, and read about how others are leveraging these services to simplify their cloud management.


Coming to a desk near you…DX70, DX80, and DX650

I have to envy my colleagues in the Cisco IT ACE program: they get to play with the latest toys.  For several months now they’ve been playing with the newest Cisco releases of video phones while the rest of us looked on. Just recently though, they’ve started showing up on Cisco desks – lots of desks. They’re sleek and look a little like Apple iMacs have taken over the workplace. The Cisco DX70 and DX80 have arrived and I’m certain if you could see them you’d be impressed. And you’d probably want to play with them, too. But what are they for?

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IWAN Wed: What’s the use for IWAN?

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 1.27.34 PMCisco Intelligent WAN or IWAN is a solution from Cisco to optimize and better utilize your branch WAN connectivity. It addresses several aspects of WAN concerns like cost, security and application experience.  There are many challenges that IT is facing today in the enterprise world and I would like to address the top three in this blog post.

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