“Do you like where you work?”

“No, I LOVE where I work!”

This is the conversation you might encounter when you ask a Cisco employee about their job. Why do they love it so much?

Employees won’t just tell you, they’ll show you. If you follow the #WeAreCisco hashtag on Twitter or Instagram, you’ll see photos and social media posts where employees talk about the awesome culture at Cisco. Especially if you also look for the #LoveWhereYouWork hashtag.

In 2016, the @WeAreCisco team launched a contest to encourage more posts like this, and give employees another reason to love where they work. Over 1000 entries came during the month of love – February – and the themes became clear.

Why do employees love where they work? It’s the people – our teams are awesome and our colleagues are our friends. It’s the culture – where you can fail, but learn, and then succeeed. It’s the focus on giving back. And yes, it’s the cupcakes and cookies and pizza and, well, Cisconians like food. 🙂

Here are a few of last year’s photos, and you can see a more robust version by clicking through to the Storify with all of the finalists and winners.

Love Where You Work

Love Where You Work

Love Where You Work

The hashtag #LoveWhereYouWork carried on long after the contest ended, because it felt good to share Cisco’s culture with our networks.

With a new year and a new focus on Cisco’s People Deal – that “agreement” between Cisco and employees on what the company expects of them and what they can expect of Cisco – employees are once again being asked to share why they love being a part of the #WeAreCisco tribe, and why they #LoveWhereYouWork.

This year’s contest will be bigger, better, more fun (if that’s possible) with more entries from more global sites.

For employees reading this blog, you can click this link for all the rules, directions and incentives. (Internal link only)

For those of you that are reading this post and wondering what all the hub-bub is about when it comes to Cisco’s culture, now’s your chance to see for yourself directly from the networks of Cisconians. Follow along with the #WeAreCisco and #LoveWhereYouWork hashtags to see all the fun photo goodness. Winners will be announced here on this blog in March, and you’ll be able to see a few check-ins during the month of February to see how the contest is shaping up.

If you’d like to join in the Cisco fun, you can check out all of our openings here.



Carmen Shirkey Collins

Social Media Manager

Talent Brand and Enablement Team, HR