I’ve been with the Cisco Family now for 19 months as a Database Administrator here. The name kind of says it all, but I am responsible for taking care of our databases to ensure we are always backed up should a situation arise. Working in a technology company, you may think that’s all we’re about – but I’d like to tell you otherwise.

During my time here I have learned many things, but one of my very first learnings – that jumped out immediately – was that Cisco employees are wildly caring human beings who believe in giving back and helping as much as possible. No matter if you are a fellow human in need of technical assistance or not, or even a tiny furry creature – we want to be there when you need us.

When I started my journey at Cisco I came across some amazing groups and mailers created by the teams here in Bangalore. These communications not only helped me find a place to live and get updated about the upcoming technologies and adventure trips for fellow co-workers, but they also helped me in adopting my cat Quincy! It showed me that Cisco, while – yes, a place of incredible technologies and worldwide advancement, is also a place that brings out the true “Ace Venture” in us all as many Cisco employees have a passion for helping to find good homes for rescue and foster animals in our communities.

When I saw the email from a fellow co-worker on the mailer with Quincy’s picture, I immediately wanted to adopt him. (I highly recommend the bglr-masala mailer for those in Bangalore!) Quincy came to me in a small brown paper bag as he was so tiny – it’s hard to think he was ever so small. Now he is fully grown, and a bit naughty at times even as he plays with my other two adopted cats, Bagheera and Fuboo.

It may seem like a small way to give back, but opening my home to an animal in need – and one I found through Cisco’s connections – means so much to me. I am a strong believer that we must all work together to benefit everyone, and I see that same belief in Cisco’s culture.

Cisco believes in giving back, and is so dedicated to helping our world that employees are given five days every year to give back to charities and organizations of their choosing.  It is Cisco’s ways of encouraging us to truly adhere to the giving back lifestyle, and I love that we’re able to volunteer for causes we are passionate about. It is one of the reasons I love working here so much.

I was even inspired through my adoption of Quincy, and reading about the Cisco Cat Club at our San Jose Headquarters to start a Cisco Cat Club here in Bangalore!  These whiskered friends bring a calm, simple approach to aiding in stress relief and comfort for all. They help us as much as we help them, and I feel it is the least I can do to continue to help them find good homes.

Want to join a company that loves giving back to everyone? We’re hiring. Apply now.

Giving back is in Cisco’s DNA, and that goes for everyone that calls planet earth home. I love this about Cisco and it makes me truly proud to be an employee here – that there are so many ways for us to give back, and that what we see as an important part of our communities and lives – is equally as important to Cisco. It’s a wonderful thing which brings all of us together to volunteer and help those in need.


Neha Kukreti

Database Administrator