As an early adopter of Instagram, signing on for the first time in January 2011, I know how important photography is. Heck, I was a photographer in a past life! And it should be no surprise that on the WeAreCisco Instagram account, we’ve seen over and over how many great photographers Cisco has as employees. They’re some of our most avid #WeAreCisco advocates!

For National Camera Day, we wanted to introduce you to just a few of the #WeAreCisco Shutterbugs along with some of their favorite shots, below.

Ileana Cates — Raleigh, North Carolina USA

My favorite Cisco photo taken was of my team members for the WeAreCisco Snapchat snapcode photo. I love it because it was a great example of Cisco in so many ways. My co-workers were flexible and excited enough to jump in after I asked out of blue who’d be up for a quick photo opp. Six of them volunteered to help me and they all had great fun with it, responding well to my direction. I also felt that the group who volunteered represented our diversity which is one of my favorite things about Cisco. This photo wound up being used, in a way, to represent the “face” of Cisco for our WeAreCisco Snapchat account — even being featured on the Nasdaq Tower in Times Square, NYC! To have our own employees featured this way confirms the genuine voice behind WeAreCisco.

Pete Kavanagh — Galway, Ireland

After a long day at Cisco Galway for our Women in Tech “Girls Power Tech” event, it was great to capture the youthful energy of these young ladies. Community outreach is a big part of Cisco, and having our own established Women in Tech here at Cisco share their experiences and career advice with the next generation – and seeing the excitement around STEM! – really made me feel like we have a bright future.

Jarrod Weise – Phoenix, Arizona USA

I didn’t realize what I had captured until I went back and looked at the raw file of this image. Great moments like this one sit inside the data. No different than what we do as marketers everyday or our customers and partners at Cisco. This photo inspired me to keep looking at the real world and capturing these moments as I encountered them.

When you spend your day doing digital, physical becomes pretty important. It’s also a reminder of what we do here at Cisco and how that sits just beneath the surface – our technology makes the real world possible!

Yana Lipen — Krakow, Poland

Sometimes we work hard and sometimes we have a little break from work! ❤ In Cisco Krakow we have very cool play-rooms for downtime that help us to unwind or even brainstorm a bit with colleagues. I definitely love capturing moments like these around the office that showcase our fun, laid back side as well. Hard work deserves hard play! 😊

Leah Streeper — Raleigh, North Carolina USA

I love this picture from the Cisco RTP photoshoot. I loved getting to meet people from all over the company, and seeing how everyone would light up while getting their pictures taken – knowing they might soon be on Cisco’s new careers site! It’s incredible how connected Cisco makes you feel.

Be sure to follow the @WeAreCisco Instagram page as the Shutterbugs work pops up there quite a bit! Are you passionate about photography or Instagram as well? Reach out to Casie on the Talent Brand Team to Join the Shutterbugs!

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Casie Shimansky

Content Strategist | Provider of Pixie Dust

Employee Storytelling