A perfect recipe for a delicious dish calls for the right mix of ingredients, and a career at Cisco is no different. From the smile of receptionist from front desk to a red-eye flight back from customer site is all that defines your job and makes you love it.

I’m a Customer Success Manager here in the Software, Systems and Operations organization. Allow me to share my Cisco recipe for why I love where I work.

  • 1 Cup of Finding Where You Fit: Here at Cisco, it’s all about finding your our “rhythm” and resonating it with the activities happening around you. Having a strong technology base in your skills really helped me here. Plus, adding my Business degree at just the right time made my next transition at Cisco much more organic.
  • 1/3 Cup of Work/Life Balance: There were multiple instances when a Customer visit, a presentation or a demo for a customer directly coincided with my getting my MBA and working on Ph.D. research reports. Having my wife going to Dental school in parallel and a 3-year-made things even more challenging. The fact I was able to do all of it and still win the “Cisco Services Sales BRAVO” award for three-quarters in a row shows nothing is impossible once you put your mind to it, and have a company that supports you both at work and away from it.
  • A dash of innovation: You’ve got to love a company where disruptive ideas are heard, innovative thinking is allowed to groom, cross-team collaboration is encouraged and lead opportunities are provided with the right credentials. With the amount of change in technology it’s almost a pre-requisite to innovate within your role. You need to be adaptable. We are living in an era where the job description for your next role has not even been written yet. Keep the hunger alive and never be complacent – there is so much more which can be dreamed up to change the world with Cisco!
  • A Tablespoon of personal development: It’s amazing to be part of a company you who not only values your work but willing to provide limitless opportunities to grow professionally. I got to go back and get my MBA and put it to use for the business. Win win!
  • A pinch of JUST DO IT! By end of the day one’s biggest regret would not be to go back and change something which was done but the regret of NOT DOING something when you had the opportunity.

Mix all these ingredients into a bowl and bake. You’ll have the most delicious career at a great company to show for it. Like me!



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Kashif Hamid

Customer Success Executive

Cisco Software & Systems