When you already work at a company like Cisco, one of the most influential leaders in IT and networking, where you are enabled and empowered to explore your abilities, skills and talents – what else could you possibly look forward to?

We connect the unconnected, it’s true. And in a world where the number of networking devices is more than the number of people on the planet? Well, that’s a lot of connecting. I love what we do here, because even though the task is a large one – we are striving to connect everyone for the betterment of our global society.

Did you know? Cisco is likely behind your most loved tech devices, gadgets and stimulation! And when you work at Cisco? You get the opportunity to work on these incredible innovations and technologies just like that every day!

For me, I have worked on technologies like Advanced Malware Protection, Security Information Event Management, Web Security Appliances, Identity Services Engine, Intrusion Prevention Systems, and Sandboxing systems. I’m also in the learning phase of many other cutting-edge technologies so that as my career advances, I’m able to be a part of that as well. Many people do not know that these technologies are a part of society’s everyday life until you see the big picture.

It is one of the main reasons I am proud to be a Cisconian – but, of course, there’s more to my pride than just that.  Here are the Top 4 Reasons I Chose Cisco:

1.My Workplace.  I am never late to work in the morning. Do you know why? Because I love being here! My work has purpose and matters, and the Cisco Bangalore Campus is such a beautiful location – I never find myself bored with my surroundings. I can also work from anywhere! From my desk on campus, to my home office, or even the great outdoors – Cisco technology enables me to work without borders. This helps create the ultimate work/life balance, and since we are a global company that never sleeps the flexibility of working hours are great too!

I hear so many looking for work wishing they had this wonderful work/life balance and flexibility – I want you to know that Cisco has BOTH!

The atmosphere around Cisco is so friendly and the continuous knowledge that is shared amongst Cisconians only motivates me further. There are no boundaries here to sharing your ideas. I can share my ideas with the most senior person sitting at the workplace without hesitation, because Cisco realizes that this is where innovation starts!

Cisco is all about its people and culture. Why would you want to be late for that? I wish my days would start even earlier sometimes!

2.The Opportunity.  I consider myself lucky to have the opportunity to work with Cisco’s Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT).  I remember when I was in my first year of college, I didn’t even know what “Hacker” meant – and now, here I am!  I’m part of Cisco’s Security and Trust Organization.

What does that mean? You may know that Cisco provides highly secure networks to the world’s leading enterprises. Cisco’s Security and Trust Organization protects those networks.

When you work in CSIRT you need to keep your eyes on the latest technology – and, as you know, technology is a rapidly moving industry! Cisco has a huge network which produces a massive amount of data, these data points are continuously analyzed to filter out malicious traffic. When there’s a fire, who do you call? The fire-brigade! Well, you call me when the network is infected with ransomware, malware, or a virus. We help squash the various cyber-attacks that affect the world every single day.

From the very beginning of the selection process, I was aware that there were so many other candidates and students who had a better academic record than I did. But, because Cisco truly cares about its people – I was able to show my true skills, personality, and aspirations to the recruiters. When I look back on the opportunities given to me by Cisco, it gives me goosebumps. I am proud to say that I protect Cisco!

3.Relaxing at Cisco.  Cisco makes sure that employees are taken care of and have many stress relieving opportunities throughout the day. From unlimited coffee, massage chairs, micro-kitchens, and the gym to recreational areas that include TT tables, cricket nets, pool tables, foosball, a basketball court, and a badminton court – you can see there are many ways to unwind here.

The best thing is the nap room in every department! Sometimes the next best idea comes after a few minutes of relaxing rest!

The cafeteria is also amazing with countless choices of food options from salads to Chinese and Indian cuisine. I also love that we have regular parties and outings that are great for team building and growing our bond with our co-workers.

4.My Colleagues.  My fellow Cisconians are so generous and helpful that we are truly more “family” that co-workers, and you hear this from a lot of Cisco employees. My team encourages me to put forth a valiant effort and I am treated like an esteemed member of the group. We are all unique as individuals, but it is when we come together as a team that we truly shine.

There are amazing people all around the world that work at Cisco and you never feel that they are sitting thousands of miles away from you thanks to Cisco technology and collaboration. From Webex and Cisco Spark to Jabber and good ol’ fashioned email – we are constantly connected.

I am proud that we work together on technology to better our world, and most of all – I am proud to be a Cisconian.

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Shikhar Kannoje

Cyber Security Analyst

Infosec CSIRT