New challenges lead to the greatest rewards.

That’s why, when I left a comfy job I had for many years, it wasn’t easy, but I jumped at the opportunity. Because working at Cisco has been a goal for me.

The first week at any new job is an adventure (I’m a Territory Business Manager for Northeast Territory Operations.) I knew my first week at Cisco I was going to be hectic, but I loved every minute of it. It was packed full! Lots of people may wonder – what’s your first week at Cisco like, really?

It was full of introductions to great new people, full of checklists and full of information.

On day one, I sat in my first team meeting pinching myself! I had this goal and it was finally my reality!

#IChoseCisco, and there are many reasons why. But the number one reason was the people. Even before becoming a Cisco employee I worked alongside the Cisco community for several years. Everyone is passionate, helpful, inquisitive, motivating and very gracious.

These people have inspired me not only to achieve my goals and dreams but to help those around me achieve theirs. Surrounding yourself with positive and encouraging people is the key ingredient into creating a life that you love.

While I am still “drinking from the fire hose” I am excited to learn more, grow more and help Cisco add value to our customers and partner community!

Want to experience YOUR first week at Cisco? Check here for openings.


Jen Palloni

Territory Business Manager

Northeast Territory Operations