Build a bike
Enjoying the fruits of my labor before handing the bikes off to the kids. (Photo credit Linas Dauska)

“Do a good turn daily.”

I was in the 6th grade when I first confidently recited the Scout Slogan in front of my troop. My uniform swallowed the frame of my entire body, but the words left my mouth with sound conviction as I accepted the challenge to perform a kind deed daily—big or small.

8 years later (and after successfully achieving the Eagle Scout Rank), I have continued to give back to the community by participating in volunteering efforts with the San Francisco Food Bank and Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, as well as pro bono consulting with the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh. I have realized that the words “do a good turn daily” have changed the way I work, live, play, and learn. This ongoing commitment to give back to the community is a challenge I am proud to tackle every day, with or without the uniform or rank.

 Most recently, I went to a Build a Bike event held by the Cisco Enterprise Product Solutions and Marketing (PSM) team.

NOTE: I’ve built IKEA furniture and complex LEGO metropolises, but never a bike.

Nevertheless, by the end of the day, I was able to cross this off my bucket list thanks to some quality Cisco teamwork, and mini assembly lines that involved attaching the training wheels, inserting the handlebar, putting on the pedals, and decorating the bike with streamers and personalized license plates. In total, we built 36 bikes for the Marine Toys for Tots foundation and as you can see from the pictures, I was pretty excited – and I’m so happy for the children who will soon be proud bike owners! I thought back to how happy I was to ride my first bike and it warmed my heart to be able to provide that experience for a deserving child.

Team bike building
The PSM team hard at work building bikes. (Photo credit Linas Dauska)

It was truly special (but not surprising) that 40 people, on the day after Thanksgiving weekend, were all willing to volunteer their time for a good cause, while having a great time and collaborating for a total team effort. This is why I chose Cisco – a company that not only has the culture, breadth, and capabilities to make a significant impact on the community, but a company where the employees have dedication and share my passion for making a difference and delivering awesome.

Want to join a great team that cares about great causes? Apply at Cisco.


Jason Liu

Product Marketing Manager

Enterprise Networking and Mobility