Prior to working at Cisco, I couldn’t imagine a life where (from my office in Raleigh, North Carolina) I could ask my manager on a Monday to work part of Tuesday from the road and all of Wednesday from St. Louis ahead of a holiday weekend. I mean, I could ask – but I’d probably get some very bizarre looks, and maybe even a little laughter. The worlds of working in retail and IT Staffing don’t necessarily play into the true sense of work-life balance.

But Cisco does!

Reluctantly (because memories of different roles and different companies are hard to forget) I went to my manager to ask this very question so that my family and I could attend my wife’s family’s annual reunion – something that had not happened since we had been married.

I soon learned that I will have to lose the reluctancy in my requests. My manager, without even hesitating, happily agreed. She had complete trust in me to get my work done and where the work was getting done wasn’t an issue.

This amount of trust alone makes me want to work that much harder for my manager, team, and Cisco. Given any other job, perhaps for any other company, and this trip would be impossible. But because of Cisco’s technology and their trust in their people – we were able to make it a reality.

It feels amazing to not be so boxed in and micro-managed. (We’ve all been there, right?) And, in return, Cisco’s dedication to work-life balance enables me to not only contribute to my team to the best of my ability but be an active parent and spouse to the best of my ability too.

During my short time with Cisco, I have been afforded so many opportunities that you would not believe exist in the workplace. I am here to tell you that they are true, and that work-life balance is just one of the many incredible Cisco benefits.

It may start with the ability to take control of your life and career while being an effective worker, but in accepting a role at Cisco – you also get an amazing team too. A team that is, really, more like a family. A team that understands and is compassionate when life happens and is there to celebrate your wins – and mourn your losses. A team that trusts you to not only get your work done, but to have each other’s backs too. It’s honestly a feeling I’ve never had, and I’ve worked for a lot of great people.

Bryan smiles with his family on a porch overlooking mountains.

As a Talent Sourcer at Cisco, I’m constantly collaborating with my team of recruiters and reaching out to find the best external talent for Cisco. Having the ability to do this from anywhere isn’t a crucial aspect of my job, but it does have a profound effect on my motivation.

Being able to break up the monotony of any routine can bring a breath of fresh air and reinvigorate you in ways you didn’t realize you even needed. Cisco understand that we’re humans first – and whether it’s spending time with our families or simply taking a walk around the block to clear our minds – it matters.

That benefit alone makes us some of the happiest employees on the planet.

And, to think – I’m only still a contractor at Cisco. That’s right! Although I don’t receive the full complement of full-time Cisco benefits (…yet!) – just being a part of this amazing company and team provides me benefits you don’t see on paper.

A few weeks after our trip to St. Louis, I was on the road again with my family – this time headed to the mountains while working a flex-schedule. Think you can’t have work-life balance? Think again.

If you’re willing to put in the work, love where you work, and who you work with – then chances are, we’ve got a spot waiting for you at Cisco!

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Bryan Lauer

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Americas Sales