Bryan Lauer

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Americas Sales

Bryan is a Talent Acquisition Specialist for the Americas Sales team, where he specializes in finding external talent for the Recruiters on his team. One of his strong beliefs when searching for talent is not ruling anyone out solely based on their resume because each person is a unique iceberg; there is much more beneath the surface than what their resume shows. Connecting with someone is the true way to find if they will be a good fit for the role and Cisco. Having a strong background in Sales and HR gives him the knowledge and experience to understand each role he is given. Bryan’s love of sovling puzzles and challenges makes him very successful at finding that diamond in the rough for those tough to fill positions. Only 2 months into his role Bryan made a strong impact on his team by co-leading the creation of a new Sourcer’s Framework designed to help streamline the effectiveness of Sourcers and improve communication between Sourcers and Recruiters. The hope is to implement this framework company wide to have a unified approach to sourcing and communication amongst all Sourcers and Recruiters! When he is not sourcing for new talent you can find him with his family, playing golf, quoting movies, doing random accents (fairly well), inserting witty humor into conversations or preparing for the fantasy football season (its kind of a big deal to him). Raising his 5-year-old and being the best husband he can be are his #1 priorities; and loves every minute of it!


November 14, 2019


Living Cisco’s Work-Life Balance

3 min read

Bryan shares how he benefits from Cisco's work-life balance and what it means to him and his family.