Chuck Robbins I Chose Cisco photo
New CEO Chuck Robbins says it’s because Cisco Rocks (and it does!)

Recently, the Life at Cisco Instagram account (follow us!) asked employees to submit photos via Instagram (and a few other methods) to show us why they chose Cisco. (See the original blog post here.) Turns out, all employees needed was a white-board, a dry-erase pen, and a chance, and they were more than excited to tell us why “#IChoseCisco.”

There were originally supposed to be two winners – one decided by the Instagram community (by which photo got the most likes) and one decided by Cisco’s HR leadership. The thing is, we got so many great entries, that the HR leadership couldn’t pick just one! So we divided the entries into categories, and picked a winner from each! Each one will be notified via their method of entry and receive a $50 gift card.

If you’d like to take a look at ALL of the entries (they are truly all fantastic) we’ve compiled a Storify to show each entry.

The winner for the most Instagram likes (194!) is Eric Castro, IT Engineer for Cisco in San Jose, CA.

Most Likes Winner


And the winners in each category are . . . . (envelope please.)

#IChoseCisco because . . . Cisco Cares About It’s Employees

Winner: Amy Cable, Careers Services Manager at Cisco in Austin, TX

Work Life Balance

#IChoseCisco because . . . Cisco Gives Back

Winner: Lohith M – Software Engineer at Cisco in Bangalore

Cisco Cares About Society

#IChoseCisco because . . . Cisco Is Fun

Winner: Harshwardhan Rawoot, IT Engineer for Cisco in Bangalore

Because of Fun!

#IChoseCisco because . . . Cisco Encourages Individuality

Winner: Jyoti Sarin, IT Manager for Cisco in San Jose

Because you can be your whole self


#IChoseCisco because . . . Cisco Inspires Innovation

Winner: Irina Kirnos, Business Systems Analyst for Cisco in San Jose, CA


#IChoseCisco because . . . I Was Inspired by Others

Winners: Joanne Lim, Client Services Manager for Cisco; Jennifer Leow, Executive Assistant for Cisco; Geraldine Teo, Sales Business Development Manager for Cisco – all in Singapore

Because of the People

#IChoseCisco because . . . of Cisco’s People

Winner: Lim Hwa Choo, HR Manager for Cisco in Singapore

Because of People

#IChoseCisco because . . . Cisco Fuels Adventure/Creativity

There was a TIE!

Winner 1: Jeremy Young, Network Engineer for Cisco in Raleigh, NC

Because it gives me ground adrenaline

Winner 2: Alexandra Visser, Business Operations Manager for Cisco in Amsterdam.

Because it's buzzing


Carmen Shirkey Collins

Social Media Manager

Talent Brand and Enablement Team, HR