The calendar is filled with “fun” holidays, Cookie Day, Chocolate Cake Day (mmm, I’m hungry now,) Talk Like a Pirate Day and more.

However, Friday, March 3rd might be the bestest holiday EVAH!

Why? Because it’s Employee Appreciation Day!

This isn’t just a Cisco holiday, it’s an “everywhere” holiday. But it’s an opportunity to highlight Cisco employees for sure, and talk about how amazing they are (in case you didn’t know already.)

It also happens to be the last day of the #WeAreCisco #LoveWhereYouWork employee social media contest, because what better way to end a contest that tells why you love where you work than talking about the people you work with?

I’m going to kick us off, because I have THE best job in the world. My job at Cisco is to use social media to attract new employees to work here, but I do this by amplifying what EXISTING employees already say about the company. I don’t have to make things up, or get all “marketing-y” to make employees look good, they ARE AWESOME, and all I have to do is help them tell their stories.

There is one group in particular, the wonderful set of employees that take over the WeAreCisco Snapchat account each day. This group is named the “Rainbow Kitten Unicorns” (everything that’s great about the Internet) and we have the best time together. We have a Spark room where we share fun ideas, we have Webex meetings and we even text each other Bitmojis and gifs from time to time. I feel like they are my “peeps” in every sense.

You know who else I appreciate? My direct team. Shout out to the Talent Brand team here at Cisco, for just being an example of what a great job at a great company with great people looks like.

You may say – “but this is your job, you HAVE to say these things.” Believe me, I’ve had a varied career at some big-name companies, and this is the first one I would say ANY of these things about. But it’s not just me.

Head on over to the WeAreCisco Instagram account today and watch the Instagram Stories to hear even more about this. Or just keep reading.


Jill Larsen, Senior Vice President of HR:

“One of the best things about my team is that we have a ton of fun together!  While our day job is serious – finding the best talent for Cisco, we are a competitive bunch who can throw on our Smurf or Nemo costumes and do our best dance to try to win a silly HR costume contest.”

Team Smurf


Brian Murray Engineering Manager

“Pride in their work. That’s what I love about the Galway (Ireland) team. They’re always ready to step up, no matter what the challenge that’s put to them.”

Jack Taylor filming at Cisco Galway

Shane Sherman, Director of Technical Support

I love our employees because they are very generous in life. Whether there’s a new baby or a family sickness, we have each other’s back. I’m proud to work at Cisco!

Austin Team

Even the Big Guy himself, CEO Chuck Robbins, told the Cisco employees in Israel during a recent visit:

“Everyone has so much respect for you and what you do and what you represent, and for that, I am incredibly grateful. You make it so much fun for me to show up as the leader and get all the accolades that you earn every day here. So thank you for that.”


To every Cisconian, a big thanks for all you do. Want to work for Cisco? Apply here.


Carmen Shirkey Collins

Social Media Manager

Talent Brand and Enablement Team, HR