Do you have a great team? I do! It’s such a terrific group of people, that not only do we work together and innovate together, but we’re a team outside of work as well!

I came to Cisco through the Cisco Sales Associate Program (CSAP), which is a one-year program where we train together with other global Associate Sales Representatives (ASRs) – often using Cisco’s Webex technology – to help us learn how to go into the “real” business world and represent Cisco Sales!

It was a great program, tailored for students just getting into the work world. It really helped us to learn fast, and I feel that the program has a lot of support from Cisco, and positioned me for success in my current role.

Now, I’m in the Global Virtual Sales team, based in Shanghai, where you can usually find me in the pantry at 21F (See the Shanghai blog tour here.) Sitting here, I can see airplanes rushing into the clouds, as well as China’s tallest building, and it just helps me focus and gather my thoughts to help me be a better team player!

When it’s time to get to work, the amazing team (that I mentioned earlier) and I spend our time leveraging leading technology solutions to help our customers in new ways, thinking outside of the box from traditional methods, and cooperating together to present the best solutions. We work great as a team all day, think about new ideas and really support and value everyone’s input.

Bill's Team
In Cisco, our relationship is far more than colleagues. In weekend, we hang out for fun. We climbed the hill together and took a photo on the top. Some said this picture looks like magazine cover, what do you think?

However, because Cisco employees are some of the best people around, we found ourselves getting together outside of the office as well. We connect in a way that blends our work into fun!

For example, we have a lot of good singers on this team, and who doesn’t love Karaoke? So we’ll find ourselves gathering after work and enjoying some music. Or, because we love the outdoors and being active, you can also find us riding our bikes together, hiking, jogging, golfing, boating – you name it! We enjoy just being together, but it also means we’re a better team for Cisco, because we’re building stronger relationships, which just means we can come together even more effectively when we head back into the office!

Maybe you’ll be so inspired by the great teams at Cisco, at a company that values input from talented people, that you’ll want to come work with us! If you ever come to Cisco Shanghai, I invite you to come sit with me and have some coffee in the 21-F pantry!


Want to be a part of one of Cisco’s great teams? Take a look at the Cisco Careers site for open opportunities!


Bill QIN

Associate Virtual Sales Rep