This post was authored by Cisco Intern Giacomo Persaresi.

After preparing your resume and ensuring you put your best foot forward, there may be nothing more nerve wracking than clicking the “send” button on your application and…waiting.

Well, until you hear back, of course, and learn you’ve landed an interview! NOW the nerves really start to roll – interviews always seem to make us nervous. How can you nail your Cisco Intern interview? Well that’s what I’m here to help you with! 🙂

This past summer I had the amazing opportunity to be a Cisco Intern in the EMEAR (Europe, Middle East, Africa and Russia) marketing team, and I’d love to share how I got here with you!

The Application Process

Applying to become a Cisco Intern was very simple and straight forward. I found the position on Glassdoor, a site that is really popular in the UK to research and find jobs, and applied effortlessly. I loved what I saw about Cisco on Glassdoor.

To be honest when I submitted my application I never thought that I would be selected for an interview but, boy, am I glad I was wrong!

My top tips for nailing your interview

1. Don’t be nervous: I know this is a hard one to do, but there is no need to be nervous. I admit I was when I had my first interview with Cisco, but I quickly realized that there is no point in being nervous as it only makes things worse for you. Cisco is a company that wants the real, authentic YOU! Be that, and you should be just fine!

2.Research the company before your interview: During my interview I was asked a few questions about the company – this isn’t so much a test, so don’t worry if you don’t get them all correct. It’s simply important that you have a bit of knowledge of the company and who you might be working for – a general outlook of who and what Cisco is, and how you feel you might fit here is a great step to take.

3.Prepare for your interview: Practise makes perfect! Try and practise speaking in front of a mirror or ask a friend to  listen to you. I also suggest to search online for stories of people that have already gone through the process with Cisco, or are currently working here. Search #WeAreCisco on social to see employees’ posts, or read more of their stories on the Life at Cisco blogs. You will always find little gems that will help you during the process, and it will give you a great sense of Cisco’s culture.

I’m really happy that I went through the process, as Cisco is truly one of a kind. I had no idea how many opportunities I would be able to partake in over the course of one internship – but Cisco has ensured that I received the FULL experience, and really honed in on various parts of the company. Interns are team members here, and you feel included every step of the way.

If you’re thinking of applying to Cisco – I highly recommend it! Remember, even if you don’t get the position the first time around – learn as much as you can, and apply, apply again!

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