Sometimes you don’t need big data to tell you that getting from point A to point B will be faster by way of bicycle than by way of car.

Living in Denmark (and especially in Copenhagen) the bike is often the chosen mode of transportation due to traffic within the city. And, I’ve found that there is simply no better alternative than taking the Cisco company bike when going to customer meetings!

Yes, you heard that right! We have Cisco company BIKES!

Cisco provides me a wonderful sense of flexibility, and I really enjoy that. Not only can I completely plan my day in regards of which meetings to have virtually and which meetings to have in person – but I am also able to take the bike, when it suits me and time allows.

My job as an account manager is always at full speed – juggling many tasks at the same time and engaging with many people both internally and externally here at Cisco. Transportation time is often where I get the opportunity to reflect over what my next steps are and brainstorm some ideas on how to effectively create solutions throughout my work day.

I’ve found that what works best for me is taking time for reflection and brainstorming while riding the bike – complete with fresh air and no stress over traffic or parking. Not to mention the added benefit of exercise! This is always a welcomed benefit to anyone’s work day as continuously sitting has shown to hamper productivity and affect the human body.

When our seasons shift and spring starts to pop up, I get excited! Taking a Cisco bike to meetings recharges me with renewed energy thanks to the warm sun on my face and a cool nature’s breeze. I feel I’m able to better prepare for my day and the tasks at hand because I have this time to prioritize what needs to be done. Arriving to the next meeting energized and prepared to tackle what must be done has me putting my best foot forward and I love that I’m able to extend this energy to my clients.

Time is much better spent on the bike than in the car, especially in Downtown Copenhagen as bikes are often faster than the alternatives. Knowing that Cisco accommodates this initiative by having company bikes in my Copenhagen office is one of the main reasons I love where I work – it shows that they truly care about the employees, have our best interest in mind, and know that each region may be different in what works best for them.

I am proud to be amongst the sharp, talented minds here at Cisco. It is a place where you are constantly challenged, and it requires you to be your best at all times. I’m happy that during the warmer seasons, the bikes are available as one mode for me to do just that – bring the best version of myself to the office every single day.

What’s your favorite way to get around campus? We’d love to hear your stories in the comments below!

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Lotte Kaae

Account Manager

Denmark Enterprise