I never thought I would work for Cisco. Even though I had worked for several years in the Bay Area with a background in Networking and Security – Cisco was not on my list because I had bought into some of the stereotypes like Cisco’s red tape or Cisco’s political culture which leaves very little autonomy. All that changed when my recruiter convinced me to give Cisco a shot 5 years ago – it was the best career decision I’ve ever made!

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I am a Product Manager on our Security Growth and Strategy team driving mid-market growth for Security products. I don’t just like my job; I love my job! Every day I make an impact by solving problems for our business and customers. No day is the same, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

My latest work has been to transform the buying experience of our Managed Security partners. I am part of the team that is building a brand-new business from scratch! How cool is that?! I don’t have to work for a startup to appease my entrepreneurial and problem-solving spirit.

Cisco is undergoing a huge transformation and is moving towards a service world and we are reinventing and reimagining all parts of the business. There has never been a better time to be part of this company with such an exciting journey ahead.

You might think a corporate company like Cisco is all about the “red tape” and “bureaucracy” – but all I see are passionate, talented people who are dedicated to their work, doing the right thing (even if it is the harder thing to do – especially if it is the harder thing to do) and working daily to change the world.

There is a general notion that startups give you a breadth of experience which large companies cannot provide. I beg to differ. Working at Cisco, you not only learn how to build and grow products that scale with an incredible amount of support, but you also learn a lot of soft skills, like collaboration and negotiation, that will set you up for long term success throughout your career.

So, whoever you are, wherever you are, and whatever you want from your career – there is a role for you at Cisco.

If you are creative, like me – there is role for you.

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If you are an engineer – there is role for you.

If you geek out about detailed processes or data science – there is a role for you.

If you just aren’t sure what you want and perhaps need to experience multiple roles to find where you shine – Cisco is the BEST place for you as you get to move around the organization. Career growth is highly encouraged here.

For example, I already am in my third role and have been a part of programs like our Executive Shadow Program and AcceleratHER which invest in upcoming women leaders. And with our purpose to power and inclusive future for all – you can be assured that Cisco is committed to diversity and inclusion. I am a part of our WISE (Women in Science and Engineering) and CWiCS (Cisco Women in Cyber Security) inclusive communities that help me to connect with other women at Cisco, learn and grow, and help me to have an impact within my local community.

Cisco’s culture is one where you are encouraged to bring your whole self to work. So, yes, I am a Security Product Manager, mentor, and mentee – but I am also a mother, dancer, and an avid cyclist.

Cisco understands that we are all human first, and that our strength is in coming together to innovate, iterate, and grow together.

I am so glad that I gave Cisco a chance, and that there was a role here for me, too. So, what are your waiting for – why not experience it for yourself?


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Anjana Kambhampati

Product Leader, Growth and Strategy

Security Business Group