How incredibly amazing are the Cisco #LoveWhereYouWork pictures on social? I have learned so much about our fellow Cisconians globally by the stream of pictures that came in last month – it was hard not to get hooked!

Our Engineering/Engineering HR team took the Life At Cisco #LoveWhereyouWork Challenge to heart and strove to knock this picture out of the park while illustrating our playful side. Our team is diverse and filled with some extraordinary women (and man) but I think what might set us apart from the rest is the unconditional support that we lend each other. Most of all, we ALL truly Love Where We Work!

When our uber creative team began brainstorming ideas on how to tackle the #LoveWhereYouWork challenge, we toyed with the idea of doing something around teamwork perhaps around the SuperBowl. But then ‘The Dreamer’ on our team (read more on this below) came up with the brilliant idea to spoof the Vanity Fair Hollywood 2016 Cover. With Women’s History Month and Diversity being such a hot topic we knew that our #LoveWhereYouWork picture would have be amusing and entertaining.

Take a look, did we hit the mark? Personally, I think we slayed!


All great teams consist of people whose strengths define who they are and it’s how they bring those strengths to collaborate on a team is what makes all the difference! This is especially true for us, so without any further ado I would love to introduce our fabulous Engineering/Engineering HR team. Check out why they #LoveWhereYouWork!


The Fighter: Linda Clark


I love being part of an awesome team who keep the Chief Development Office for Engineering running successfully.  There are lots of things, which get done behind the scenes, and this is the team responsible.  We are rarely in the limelight, so this is a special opportunity for us.


The Dreamer: Liz Centoni


#LoveWhereYouWork – because everyday I work with fierce women who are creative, strong, funny, inspirational and unstoppable as they set out to change the world for the benefit of everyone


The Mentor: Christine Bastian


I love where I work because of the people, driving change and being a part of Cisco’s incredible innovation engine.

The Stabilizer:


I #LoveWhereYouWork because I have the most amazing women surrounding me daily with their brains, brawn and beauty.


The Connector: Alayne Lima


I love where I work because I have the freedom to be myself and work with a team who inspires and challenges me to think outside the box.


The Enabler: Jan Foo


I love working at Cisco because Cisco truly changes the way we live, learn and play, and the learning possibilities are endless here.


The Builder: Adithya Mopuri


There are lots of opportunities around here. Great place to network and the innovative culture brings out the best in employees, making Cisco an ideal place to work.


The Magician: Cheer Cao


Cisco allows me to embrace all: Life, learning, fulfillment, friendship and growth…and of course much more pending to be explored…”


The Designer: Jeanne Chang


The people at Cisco are a pleasure to work with and make it enjoyable to come to work!


The Explorer: May Le


I #LoveWhereIWork because I’m surrounded by intelligent, fearless and compassionate women who are my true role models for success. #goals


The Advocate: Ana Lim


I love where I work because I can bring my authentic self to work and thrive. I interact with inspiring colleagues on a day-to-day basis who challenge me to learn and grow.


The Storyteller: Rehana Rehman


#LoveWhereYouWork comes easy to this team and WE are the Real Inspiration of 2016 because we all look out for each other, we support each other’s ideas and work together to foster an environment that drives innovation 24/7.


Honorable Mention: The Collaborator: Tobi Martin (not pictured in the group pic)


Cisco brings out the very best in me by challenging the status quo and encouraging innovation at every level in the organization.


Want to work for a company that’s filled with inspiring teams?  Join us!



Rehana Rehman

No Longer with Cisco