New CEO Chuck Robbins issued a challenge (one of many)  when he stepped into his new role this past summer.

“I want Cisco to be viewed as having the most innovative employee experience in technology or in corporate America,” says Robbins.

Cisco is just getting started, but we’re excited to have some of the most innovative employee experiences around the globe. The new Building 10 headquarters in San Jose, CA joins other offices such as those in Japan and India as case studies for the future of work and workspaces. Read all about the building’s futuristic makeover on Cisco’s Newsroom site.

Cisco's Building 10

It’s got the Cisco employees that work in that building (and the ones who visit regularly) excited about what’s next.

Cisco’s investment in our work space is incredible!” says Rachael Thomas, an executive communications manager. “It provides space for us to work as a team, quiet rooms for focus time and meeting rooms with ceiling to floor writing spaces — great for brainstorming new ideas and mapping out the future of Cisco. The open feel of the office makes it easy to connect across levels and business areas; interacting with executives, customers and partners throughout the course of the day helps us stay aligned to what’s really important.”

“Building 10 is bustling with energy,” adds Justin Riray, an executive communications specialist. “Work is very fast-paced up here so people are constantly moving from their desk to a room to another room to another floor – it’s never boring. We have a lot of mini-celebrations for birthdays, promotions, baby showers and other things. Plus, I get to drive the iRobot Ava500 so there’s an extra bonus.”

Communications Manager Jung Kim can’t agree more.

I love my new workspace and actually look forward to coming into the office everyday! It’s way more open and gives us the space to collaborate, be creative, and innovate in new ways.”

As Cisco tries out new ways to use collaboration technologies to enhance employee experiences, there could be much more of this kind of workplace innovation in the future.

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Carmen Shirkey Collins

Social Media Manager

Talent Brand and Enablement Team, HR