How can you tell Cisco employees love where they work – and that you might love working here too? There’s a contest for that. 😉

The third annual #WeAreCisco #LoveWhereYouWork contest kicked off on January 17th at the Cisco Beat (our all-employee monthly meeting) and finishes February 23rd.  By then, we’re expecting to have 2000 entries around the globe (and the core team behind this content expects to have lots of coffee and many hard choices in selecting the winners.) This contest is just one of the reasons WE #LoveWhereYouWork.

Why? Well, for starters we REALLY like coffee. But, also, we get a front-row seat for each and every reason that comes through as to why our employees love where they work. Through the last three years, even though the contest is new-and-improved each year, employees give the same answers to why we love working at Cisco.

Here are the top 7 #LoveWhereYouWork reasons we see each year:


1.We love our logo, and we can laugh at ourselves

Employees can’t get enough of the Cisco logo. We’ve tattooed it on our bodies, shaved it in our hair, and taken enough pictures of it to fill a coffee table book several times over. Plus, we have a sense of humor – and this entry told us there’s no I in team and that we still love the logo even if a big storm has come through.


2.We Love our FurKids. And that includes all furkids. Even Goats. We’ve now (likely) seen it all – from Cisco puppies, kittens, guinea pigs, and gerbils to our very own Cisco GOAT.  We think he’s the G.O.A.T (Greatest of All Time) too. 😉

Qualified in keeping us company, and ensuring we’re staying active and healthy – these furry co-workers are also GREAT at listening to us brainstorm. Some have even perfected the art of joining a WebEx call spontaneously by walking across the desk or “photobombing” in the background with their silly antics. It always leaves our teams filled with laughter (we hear it’s the best kind of “break” at work, after all!) and it’s just another aspect of Life at Cisco. You know you’ve officially become a Cisconian when cat tails and puppy paws have a way of breaking up your day.


3.We Love Adventures – If you leave the door open, a Cisconian is bound to walk through it looking for adventure.

From innovative ideas to exploring our world and making it better –the views our employees share with the world every day are incredible. And we always love when Cisco gear is along for the journey.

Want to #LoveWhereYouWork too? Join us! Apply Now.

4.We Love Giving Back – This you probably know already, because we talk about it A LOT. But when Cisco gives you FIVE DAYS each calendar year (outside of your normal PTO) to give back in any way that you choose? Well that leaves another 360 days out of the year to talk about how we spent our Time2Give, the wonderful work we get to do at Cisco, and how we’re encouraged to give back as much as possible.

If the sun is shining somewhere in the world, you can bet a Cisco employee is out there contributing their time and talents to making the world a better place.


4.We LOVE our technology (work from anywhere? Yeah. We’re all about that.)—This is probably not a huge surprpise to you either. But we LOVE our technology! From connecting cities to enabling us to work from anywhere in the world – we eat, breathe, sleep, and think in Cisco Technology. Collaboration tools like Cisco WebEx and Cisco Spark keep us connected and we couldn’t imagine our daily lives without them.

Think you know Cisco? Think again. We’re likely behind your favorite tech tools, devices, entertainment and shows – and when you work here? You get to work on cool technology just like that. That’s what happens when you created the Internet.


6.We Have Each Other’s Back – In times of celebration, or times of need – we have each other’s backs. We share the same bond of working for one of the greatest tech companies on the planet, all 75,000+ of us. And while some may think the size makes it impossible to truly connect? We know otherwise. In fact, it only makes our network stronger as we have true friendships that cross boarders, oceans, cultures and languages. We are human first, and whether that means picking up the work load for a co-worker who is sick or enduring hardship, or celebrating a big life milestone – we are here for each other, arm in arm, around the globe.

One world, One Cisco.


7.We’re REAL – This may seem like an odd one to include, but hear us out.  From our career’s site (which features images of and taken by real Cisco employees) to searching #WeAreCisco throughout social media where you can see their posts, and clearly here on this blog; what you see, is what you get. It’s the real stories and moments of Cisco employees all over the world on why they love what they do, and who they get to do it for.

We’re the lucky ones – in that they’ve chosen to do it for Cisco. 😉

We could very easily come up with thousands of reasons employees love working at Cisco, and I’m sure we’ll find even MORE favorites in the weeks to come. But, if you’ll excuse me. It’s time for some more coffee.


Employees, what are YOUR reasons for #WeAreCisco #LoveWhereYouWork? There’s still time to enter the contest (which ends February 24th) – just post a photo on Instagram or Twitter and tag #WeAreCisco #LoveWhereYouWork – tell us why YOU love working here for a chance to win cool prizes!



Casie Shimansky

Content Strategist | Provider of Pixie Dust

Employee Storytelling