Jeane running after a soccer ball on a beach in her uniform.

I was only six when I wrote this on a piece of paper that I ripped from my diary and sealed away. When I opened that paper 20 years later, I tossed it in to the trash as I thought that dream was over. I needed to focus on my career. But the twinge of walking away from something that I loved so much and that made me, well, me – it hit hard.

Did having a job mean I couldn’t pursue my dreams? Did it mean I had to give up other activities I loved?

Little did I know then that my dream would actually come true and I would be playing for the U.S. Women’s Beach Soccer National Team one day. Representing my country. Wearing the crest. Playing the sport I love in the red, white and blue. All thanks to working at Cisco.

After seven years in sales for the health industry, I landed at Cisco – and it was Cisco (with support from husband, children, friends, and co-workers) that enabled me to pursue that childhood dream yet again.

With this career transition, and my current role as a Programs & Change Manager in Talent Acquisition Operations, I was finally able to align who I am in my personal life with my professional career. I could live my life to its fullest, take chances, and be challenged. I get to virtually show up to work and continue to drive change with our incredible recruiting efforts to find the very best talent. My team is a second family, Cisco a second home, and both supports my growth, fosters my curiosity, and encourages me to stretch my abilities. Opportunities are everywhere at Cisco, and so I never stop looking – it’s just nice to know that this company has so many different areas that I have yet to explore.

Jeane presenting on stage at Cisco next to two of her peers.

Most importantly – at Cisco, I can just be me.

Our technology also enables me to perform my job from anywhere, at any time. From taking my kids to school, kissing them on their cheeks, and wishing them the best day possible to hoping on a call on my way home with our team to discuss how we can improve and streamline a hiring process to enhance our candidate experience – our technology doesn’t let me miss a beat.

And that stands true whether I’m at home, in the office, or in the sand.

Wherever soccer takes me, Cisco’s technology keeps up and enables me to be invested in both my career and my passions.

Jeane, wearing red glasses, smiles with her family.

The past few years I have been focused on Beach Soccer. Yes, Beach soccer – it’s real, folks!  During that time, I have been fortunate enough to play in Europe at one of the largest Beach Soccer venues and events there to date, the Euro Winners’ Cup. It was here that I was able to play with and against the best of the best in Beach Soccer.

Playing professional Beach Soccer, admittedly, didn’t click with me until I received a phone call. I was asked to be on the very first U.S. Women’s Beach Soccer National Team! Mind blown! Mic drop!

To have this childhood dream come true to play for my country, in a sport I love, is – hands down – priceless. It is a testament to how hard work pays off, but also to the incredible work-life balance and technology we have here at Cisco.

If I couldn’t travel around the world with my laptop in one hand, and a soccer ball in the other – I don’t know that I’d be playing at the top level I get to experience now! Very likely, this dream may have just ended as that – a dream.

But thanks to Cisco, and the support network I have in family, friends and co-workers – I get to proudly say that I am a professional soccer player now too!

Jeane smiles with her teammates, the U.S. Women’s Beach Soccer National Team.

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Jeane Sunseri Warp

Program & Change Manager

Human Resources - Talent Acquisition