Jeane Sunseri Warp

Program & Change Manager

Human Resources - Talent Acquisition

Jeané (Ja-nay) Sunseri-Warp is a Program & Change Manager innovating amongst the incredible squad of Talent Acquisition Operations Team. She lives in sunny California with her husband and 2 kids. Jeané spends her working hours focused on program & process enhancements, creating positive change within to support growth of our talent attraction strategies. She thrives on the creativity and innovation and feels Cisco has provided her with so many opportunities to foster her interests. She currently represents the United States by playing for the US Women’s Beach Soccer National Team. She is determined to continue to grow the sport to lay the foundation for younger generations to follow. Find her some sand, and she will be toes deep, ready to train.


November 21, 2019


How Cisco Enabled My Professional Soccer Dream to Come True

3 min read

Jeane gave up a childhood dream of playing professional soccer to focus on her career. But Cisco taught her that she can do BOTH -- and now she's made the U.S. Women’s Beach Soccer National Team!