Recently, I had a day to remember. And I had Cisco to thank for it.

I’m a marketing leader for Spain and Portugal here at Cisco, and every day I’m astonished at the privilege of the Internet and social media. But this day was extra special and inspired me to share.

To start, I woke up and I walked my daughters to school (5 min walk from home, an privilege in itself).

After leaving them –and thanks to my new watch – I walked and hit my 10,000 steps target, all while I attended 2 WebEx calls on my mobile (one meeting and a training.) I believe you really can’t multitask in front of a computer, as human nature urges us to goes back to mail and other things while pretending to listen. Walking and listening is another story, it´s possible and allows much more focus.

After that, I tot back home to dress up and grab some food to take to the office. (“arroz with chorizo” my 5 star dish – Tweet me for the recipe!) I had prepared the food the previous evening with my daughters. They are such observers, and they had asked me why I was cooking for Cisco if I was in Marketing. Ha!

Then I began my seven-minute drive to the office. Wow, am I lucky!

This time, I had an amazing meeting with amazing colleagues. Plus, thanks to the leadership team, all the Cisco Spain employees all enjoyed a cocktail and some terrific food, like Gazpacho ensaladilla rusa, tortilla de patata, rabo de toro, pastel de verduras y pescado, albóndigas.

Then another meeting thanks to more of our awesome technology like the Proximity app and Spark, and it was one of the most enriching and profitable meetings I ever had. The core team demonstrated all the values that I think need to be present in a team: creativity, respect, teamwork, pride, believe in the future… and many more you for sure have in your minds while reading.

Being able to learn from others empathy and a well-structured and elaborated plan enriched me to such levels I cannot describe with words.

Each of the members made me learn in one hour so much. Right there, the day could have finished on a high note, but destiny had just a little bit more for me on this great day.

I had to get into downtown during rush hour. Got into the Cisco car full of thoughts and ideas thanks to such a positive day. I was on my way to a “round table” to talk about visual thinking, digitization, innovation and creativity – all found at Cisco in plenty.

I called my daughters, who wanted to know, “Mom, when will you be home?”

“Late Darling, don´t wait for me and have nice dreams,” I answered. I asked them about their day, how had it gone, for any best moments. I listened to their laughter, which makes me be so grateful for what I have, where I am and where I see myself in the future.

One, two, three times rehearsing my speech while in the traffic jam. The traffic did not bother me, I can’t fight against it, so I embraced it and took advantage of it. It gave me more time to think about my presentation.

I took another WebEx meeting, thanks to Cisco I can have it via phone while driving (hands-free, safety first!) What I didn’t finish this day, I will work on it tomorrow thanks to VPN and DX80 provided at home thanks to Cisco.

Team cooking event
After the round table, I went to celebrate with colleagues and I began to think on lessons learned from that day. I think they’re important for all – and I’d lie to share them with you.

  1. Believe in yourself
  2. Believe in people around you, don’t lose Faith
  3. Listen and be open to spotting signs
  4. Be grateful for what you have
  5. Be innovative
  6. Be creative
  7. Aim to the moon or further
  8. Be present in every moment, specially when home with your kids. Phone off, work left at home entrance.
  9. Listen to your kids
  10. Learn from your kids
  11. Don´t be frightened to and of change, take advantage of it and transform a challenge an opportunity.
  12. Open your ears and mostly, your heart.
  13. Believe there is good in the world
  14. Never doubt yourself. Like Will Smith said in the film “The Pursuit of Happiness” – don’t ever let somebody tell you you can’t do something. Not even me, all right?”
  15. You got a dream… You got to protect it. People can’t do something’ themselves, they want to tell you can’t do it. If you want something’, go get it. Period.

I am proud of the company I work for, which has made me grow and aim for the moon, not only at a professional level but also at a personal, spiritual and affective level.

I truly think these days are everywhere (and there are many) but it´s in us to see them and take advantage of them and the learning they provide.

Thanks Cisco for helping me have this great day.


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Carla Luca de Tena

Global SB Mktg Campaign Mgr