January 10, 2018


Vulnerability Spotlight: Ruby Rails Gem XSS Vulnerabilities

1 min read

Talos has discovered two XSS vulnerabilities in Ruby Rails Gems. Rails is a Ruby framework designed to create web services or web pages. Ruby Gems is a package manager for distributing software packages as ‘gems’. The two XSS vulnerabilities were discovered in two different gem packages: delayed_job_web and rails_admin. Ruby is widely used as a […]

March 29, 2013


March Madness May Equal to Malware Madness

4 min read

Are you excited about March Madness? Turn on a TV and it will be hard to avoid the games, the news, the commentaries, and the jokes about it. If you eavesdrop in any restaurant, bar, or office conversation, I can assure you that you will hear something about it. Even U.S. President Barack Obama filled out a March […]