September 23, 2015


SYNful Knock Scanner

3 min read

This post was authored by William McVey. Update 9/23: We updated the tool to version 1.0.1 Talos is constantly researching the ways in which threat actors are evolving to exploit systems. Recently, a piece of persistent malware coined as “SYNful Knock” was discovered on Cisco routers. While this malware attack is not a vulnerability, as […]

September 17, 2015


SYNful Knock: Protect Your Credentials, Protect Your Network

1 min read

Interest in IT security has never been higher. So when a new type of attack comes along, it attracts the attention of our customers and others in the industry. Earlier this week Cisco and Mandiant/Fireye released information about the so-called SYNful Knock malware found on Cisco networking devices. You can read my earlier blog on […]