enterprise apps

July 16, 2013


Partnering with Apple on BYOD and Great User Experience

1 min read

Mobility extends beyond devices. Yet, having the right devices and choice of devices allows us to work the way we’d like. In fact, Cisco is one of the world’s largest enterprise users of Apple products. Employees have purchased 33,000 iPhones and 16,000 iPads as part of Cisco’s BYOD program, and almost half of our regular […]

July 11, 2013


Enterprise Apps: The Next Wave in Mobile Transactions

2 min read

Earlier this year, I was having a business dinner with an important client in London when I received an IM on my iPhone. The message was from a Cisco colleague, and it said, “I need you to approve a purchase order. Right now.” So I stepped away from the table, launched an app on my […]