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Video: What will it cost? Part 2

3 min read

Video: What will it cost? Part 2 If you read my previous Blog about the cost of video you probably thought, “Ok, but how much will it cost? What are the numbers?” So here we go, part 2…. Some ground rules for the discussion. Not all corporate videos are created alike so I will break […]

April 7, 2014


Video: What will it cost?

3 min read

Video: What will it cost? “What will my video cost?” Is the number one question I’m asked. It’s also the toughest question to answer.  I could just answer: “How much do you have?” But I think I should be a bit more polite.  So here we go…. First, I set the stage that the cost […]

February 19, 2014


Corporate Video Enhances Your Communication Strategy: “The Ordinary Message in Extraordinary Ways”

4 min read

I dare you not to communicate. Go ahead, I dare you. Try it. Try not to reach over to your smartphone. Try not to open a new e-mail. Try not to type a quick instant message. Try… My point is you can’t not communicate. Yes, I realize the blaring double negative, but it’s true! Communication […]