As a service provider, whether you are a traditional “mobile network operator” or are a newly emerging operator, you are constantly re-inventing your offering to keep up with the changing demands of the mobile public.

Your Network, your Way!

Nowadays, the mobile public is looking for a network that fits them instead of adapting to fit the network.  To use an old fast food marketing term, mobile subscribers want to have their network “their way.”  Having it their way goes beyond providing information about data limits and providing the occasional targeted advertising.  Instead, they seek networks which provide exactly what they need, including billing and data limitations and the preferred method of access.  As a result, new mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) are appearing, and they can use the network and assets of mobile virtual network enablers (MVNEs) to set up their network and create new business models and enter different markets.  Indoor and outdoor wholesale Wi-Fi networks are also popping up to provide localized Wi-Fi services for retail, hospitality or airports visitors and employees.  Some examples of the MVNOs include networks targeted for media/entertainment like Virgin Media, retail like Tesco, discount like Uppmobile, and new prepaid telecom models like StraightTalk, while examples of wholesale Wi-Fi include MGM Resorts’ Wi-Fi networks and Wi-Fi at Atlanta’s International Airport.

In order to bring long-term business success in the MVNO and MVNE business and wholesale Wi-Fi business, providers must use their current capabilities to their best advantage and create new and differentiated services that are hard for their competitors to replicate. With the Cisco MVNO and MVNE solution, consisting of the Cisco Policy Suite for policy and charging rules function and the Cisco Evolved Packet Core, MVNOs and MVNEs can achieve the business outcomes in providing services that are segmented, targeted, and quick to roll out. The wholesale Wi-Fi solution, enabled by the Cisco Universal Wi-Fi solution, offer network technologies that control policy, charging, and subscriber data management. These Cisco solutions enables you to:

  • Increase service value with innovative services to end users
  • Generate higher perceived value in your services
  • Differentiate yourself and effectively identify and gain market
  • Develop an extensible platform that allows you to easily introduce new technologies
  • Increase your average revenue per user (ARPU) as your business grows or increase the ARPU of your current base

Learn more about how Cisco can help you provide a network “your way” to your mobile public.  Read more about how Cisco can help you become a MVNO or MVNE:

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Maywun Wong

Manager, Market Management