Written By Alfonso San Jose, Sales Consulting Systems Engineer


We have been hearing from our Service Provider customers like you about their interest in Voice over Long Term Evolution (VoLTE), and for good reason.  Offering VoLTE affects profitability in two ways. One is by creating a great voice experience that helps to attract and retain subscribers. VoLTE provides guaranteed quality of service and fast call-setup time. At the same time, VoLTE can lower network costs. However, VoLTE creates new demands on the network that requires a policy management solution to address. VoLTE changes the game for policy management because it imposes much heavier demands than 4G data services. The policy management solution needs to meet the following four requirements:

  • Scale to millions of transactions per second to address the typical growth of triple or quadruple the number of VoLTE transactions compared to standard data
  • Latency to stay below 15 milliseconds, even during peak times, for a good subscriber experience
  • Resiliency to ensure that session information are kept intact in the unfortunate event of a server failure
  • Session correlation to address policy charging and enforcement function (PCEF) and the application logic


Learn more about why current policy management architectures fall short of VoLTE and how the Cisco Quantum Policy solution is designed to address these VoLTE requirements.  Download the whitepaper here.

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Keith Day

Marketing Director

Service Provider Mobility Business