In Sao Paulo, GVT TV needed a way to protect its satellite-delivered video content.

In New Delhi, direct broadcast satellite provider Tata Sky needed a way to outfit its customers to stream video to IP-connected screens.

In Mexico, Megacable — the first in the country to launch broadband Internet over cable, needed to build the back-end video acquisition and distribution for an IP-based on-demand service to tablets and connected devices.

And in Germany, Deutsche Telekom needed a better view into its CDN (content delivery network), and a way to bridge into its “Entertain To Go” package of TV Everywhere content.

In all four cases, core components of Cisco’s Videoscape portfolio rose to the challenge: GTV TV selected our Videoscape VideoGuard® Smart Cards. GVT’s service footprint spans 146 cities in Brazil, and expanding.

Tata Sky deployed our Videoscape Video Everywhere technology — a thin client UI app that extends the Tata Sky brand into tablets and connected devices.

“Our subscribers will be able to take the video experience with the move, thereby transforming their handheld device into a fully functional TV screen with an interface which is clean, simple and easy to navigate,” explained Vikram Mehra, Chief Commercial Officer for Tata Sky.

Megacable launched its “Megacable OnDemand” service — 3,000+ hours of movies and TV for about $6/month to its 2.2 million customers, using two core Cisco elements. One is our Videoscape Distribution Suite (VDS), to bridge between cloud and network to distribute video content across multiple screens, apps, and networks. And, our Videoscape Acquisition Suite enabled Megacable to adaptively encode and transcode video streams to any device.

“Now we endorse our vocation to innovate by becoming the first cable company in Mexico and Latin America with an on demand, over the top service,” said Raymundo Fernandez, Director Adjunto de Megacable. “That allows us to move the traditional TV service forward, with a solution that has a friendly user interface that can be personalized, for each subscriber, to multiple devices.”

Deutsche Telekom is also deploying Cisco’s VDS, to deliver 40 channels of IP-delivered television, for 4.95 EUROS/month, to any device connected over Wi-Fi. “The Cisco team was strongly committed to developing and deploying new features within the desired timeframe, which enabled us to bring this new service to our customers in a very short time,” said Holger Diekmann, Technical Project Lead, Entertain to go, and Senior Expert Service Management, Telekom Deutscheland GmbH.

That’s a long way of saying: It’s been a busy several months for us here at Cisco. As always, we’re grateful for the opportunity to participate, with technologies we’re passionate about! Thank you GVT TV, Megacable, Tata Sky and DT.


David Yates

as Director of Service Provider Video Marketing at Cisco