Not that long ago, life was much easier. Video was delivered in a linear managed path and there was a well-defined process – from content creation to distribution to consumption – with distinct roles for content creators and service providers. Video infrastructure was largely isolated and used unique technologies designed for broadcast video delivery.

This model also made security much more straightforward. Video content was protected using encryption and conditional access integrated in the set-top box.

But today, life is getting more complex. IP and cloud based delivery allows service and content providers to meet customers’ demands, but it’s also more challenging to secure.


In this open environment, service and content providers need to protect their entire network from new vulnerabilities, stopping attackers from stealing video content, services and confidential data. At the same time, they need to retain full flexibility to deliver the services customers want – security should not be an inhibitor but an enabler.

Cisco delivers a unique solution to answer this need, based on a combination of best of breed security products and services. Not only we have unmatched breadth and depth in both video and IT security but we also look at how our products can work together to provide better protection. For example, if we recognize attempted intrusions in a specific area of the business with one security solution, we can identify what the attackers are after and enforce other security measures accordingly.

Our security solution spans three key areas:

  1. Video Service Protection

Cisco VideoGuard Everywhere provides the robust security for service and content providers to monetize premium content and experiences on any screen. It covers both conditional access and digital rights management, and supplements them with added layers of protection within a unified architecture that can be easily managed.

  1. Anti-Piracy Services

Cisco’s anti-piracy services prevent content from being redistributed illegally, further helping to protect content owner revenue. With the significant uptick of illegal online content streaming VideoGuard Everywhere Streaming Piracy Prevention helps to locate, identify, verify, and eliminate such activity. And our global team of Operational Security experts constantly tracks pirates to stop them from impacting our customers’ business.

  1. Data Center Security

In addition, Cisco provides a critical layer of security for the video headend infrastructure, where stored video content and customer data are increasingly vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Our Data Center Security Solution provides comprehensive system visibility and threat protection across the attack continuum – before, during and after attacks occur.

At Cisco, we take a holistic approach to security. With the #1 video security and #1 data center security products in the market, and a full range of services, we are the trusted security partner for hundreds of customers worldwide, protecting over three hundred million devices.

To learn more, see Yves Padrine’s blog to learn how Sky has chosen to implement Cisco’s comprehensive VideoGuard Everywhere software security solution for its next generation home entertainment system. Also, our blog by Sam Rastogi detailing how Cisco’s security solution was deployed to help fortress BT against growing cyber threats.


George Tupy

Market Manager

Service Provider, Video Solutions