ggilboaWritten by Gidi Gilboa, Director of Marketing, SPVSS, Cisco

When it comes to technology innovation, some may think that Israel punches above its weight. And they would be right. Known globally as the Startup Nation, Israel produces more early stage investment opportunities than Silicon Valley.

Enter Cisco.


With one thousand employees located in Jerusalem alone, Israel has become one of Cisco’s largest engineering hubs outside of the US. It is leading innovation and technological leadership in all of Cisco’s strategic areas…Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud, Cyber Security, Digitization of Countries and more.

This Sunday, June 26th Cisco’s Jerusalem office will offer visitors a small taste of that innovation when it hosts the “TV – The Future Starts Now” event. At the event, we’ll be showcasing a new range of cloud-based video solutions that are dramatically changing the way we deliver, and experience, TV.

With 11 billion video devices out there and 177 million OTT streaming subscriptions, it’s hardly surprising that, 80% of all IP traffic is for video (Cisco Visual Networking Index)

While this makes it more challenging than ever to compete for viewer eyeballs, it also brings new opportunities for service providers and media companies.

At our “TV – The Future Starts Now” event, visitors will have the opportunity to discover how our cloud-based video experience and delivery technologies are putting service providers and media companies in pole position to lead in their respective markets.

So what exactly will be on show?

In addition to seeing the wonders of 4K video, visitors will also see live deployments that have put our customers at the forefront of TV innovation. Take, for example, the Sky Q service. Sky’s subscribers can now enjoy a totally seamless video experience across all their screens, in the home and beyond, all secured by Cisco video security technology.

We’ll also show you how we are delivering these experiences ‘as-a-service’ (aaS) using our cloud-based video technology. That way, service and content providers can focus more on growing their business while Cisco takes care of the technology.

You’ll also be able to get to grips with our Cisco Infinite cloud video entertainment solutions that help you deliver personalized and contextual content through live, linear, on-demand, and over-the-top TV services to multiple screens. Whichever access network you use to connect your customers, within and out of the home, or whatever device the subscriber uses, one cloud can serve them all.

Our Infinite Solutions Innovation lab will give you a peek into how Cisco is creating engaging and differentiating experiences that help content providers and broadcasters strengthen their direct relationship with consumers. We’re introducing ideas, concepts and designs that we believe will make a significant impact for content providers and broadcasters in the next 1-3 years.

Our Virtualized Video Processing technology will be on show to demonstrate how we are helping our customers bring new video services to market in minutes rather than months.

And then of course, there’s video security.

Developed out of Cisco Jerusalem, our video security technology currently protects content reaching more than 300 million user devices. To date, Cisco remains the only company that protects video content and owner rights from end-to-end; from the moment it is created in the cloud all the way through to the end device. That’s why we are the industry’s #1 video security vendor.

As part of the event, we’ll be showcasing our latest security technology innovations including streaming piracy prevention.

The “TV – The Future Starts Now” will leave the following clear message for its visitors:

By deploying Cisco cloud video and security solutions, content providers and broadcasters can succeed across the entire value chain.

There’s never been a better time to transform entertainment.


Yaron Agami

Senior Manager

SP Product Marketing, Cable and Satellite Segments