Service Providers today are at a critical inflection point as they work to transform their networks, and indeed, their businesses. ACG Research took an in-depth look at the industry trends driving this digital transformation and the steps necessary to ensure success.

Some of ACG’s key findings include:

  • Service providers must embrace digital transformation to meet market needs and remain competitive.
  • The digital transformation is complex and requires that the operator create the right ecosystem as they undertake it.
  • At the heart of that ecosystem is the right partner, which brings the right scale, technology, solutions, and services to successfully shepherd the operator through this multifaceted, typically multi-year process.
  • A tight relationship with the right partner is essential for success.

To gain additional depth and perspective, ACG’s CEO, Ray Mota, sat down with Cisco’s vice president of Service Provider Technologies, Yvette Kanouff, to talk about the opportunities and challenges she sees in today’s service provider industry.

To view the video and download the full white paper, go to www.cisco.com/go/ericsson.