We’ve been talking about 5G for years. The cool use cases like self-driving cars, telesurgery, smart homes and cities, and “connected everything” are hyped everywhere. These use cases make for great attention-grabbing headlines, but what’s in it for the service provider? What do they need to do to monetize their investment in building the 5G network that allows their customers to experience all of this new technology?

Use a Turnkey Solution that Makes 5G Easier and Cheaper to Implement

First, service providers need to evolve their existing mobile packet core to support these new connected experiences for their customers. On February 25, we announced a new lineup of cloud hardware and software for mobile networks that will help service providers drive revenue and profitability from their 5G infrastructure.

A common foundation integrates diverse hardware, software, and services, which translates into agility and growth with minimal disruption. Service providers can expect a 90% faster time-to-market and reduced risk when putting new services and network upgrades into place. And because it’s deployed and supported through Cisco Customer Experience, there’s a much quicker time-to-value and capture of market share.

Our solution uses User Plan Function (UPF) to get you closer to the end-user and a Control and User Plane Separation (CUPS) architecture to achieve ultra-low latency. In addition, Cisco Ultra Traffic Optimization (CUTO) enables up to 40% more traffic to be transmitted over the network and improves the overall experience for end-users.

Empower the Enterprise

To win enterprise business, service providers have to meet (and exceed) the requirements of the enterprise. Cisco Unified Domain Center offers a path to new markets and revenues. The SP can create a mobile cloud portal for their enterprise customer that allows the IT department to view the entire network as if it were their own. The enterprise can then build stronger relationships with its own business customers.

Embrace “Open” to Boost Performance

Open vRAN is key to the future of 5G. New radio options include small-cell, drones, satellites, and more. And the spectrum needs to be flexible enough to cover CBRS, 4G, 5G, public, and private. We just revealed several new routing options for open vRAN:
• New line cards for Aggregation Services Routers (ASR) 9000 series, more than tripling the performance with high-density 400GbE interfaces.
• New Network Convergence System (NCS) 5700 router, featuring four times higher performance.
• New models of the NCS 540 5G fronthaul router that provide seamless, packet-based transport of Common Public Radio Interface (CPRI) streams and offer 300Gbps system scale and operational simplicity from the core to the access network.

Be a Part of the Connected Future

According to Cisco’s Annual Internet Report, by 2023, there will be 5.3 billion internet users, globally. The opportunities for service providers who are at the heart of this digital transformation are endless.

We’re seeing great momentum in both 5G NSA and 5G SA with operators all over the globe, like Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, Bell, and Rakuten, with Cisco 5G core engagements currently covering millions of mobile connections. Check out our mobility offerings that can be a part of your successful 5G strategy.


Kishen Mangat

Leads the Policy Management Product Line

Service Provider Mobility Business