1The demand for CyberSecurity professionals began to overtake the supply of talent 4-5 years ago. The estimated world-wide shortage is one million skilled security professionals. The sophistication and growth in number cyber attacks have outpaced the industries’ ability to respond in a timely manner.

With the Internet of Everything and cloud computing, CyberSecurity must be foundational as a strategy for enterprises.

Did you know that The 2014 Cisco Annual Security Report estimated the worldwide shortage of skilled security professionals to approximate 1 million people?

Today, women only make up 10-11% of the people working in cyber security, yet they are among the highest performers. Moreover, we have had very impressive pioneers before us.

Have to love those WWII Code Breakers at UK Bletchley Park:

I will be at the CyberMaryland 2014 Conference in Baltimore, Maryland on October 30, 2014. At Cisco, we are launching an initiative for Women in CyberSecurity to walk our own talk.

The new face in CyberSecurity can be YOU!

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Monique Morrow


New Frontiers Development and Engineering