This week is the industry’s leading IPv6 event, the World IPv6 Congress in Paris, France. Cisco Fellow Mark Townsley delivered the keynote again, this time with a theme around the “Mobile Business Case for IPv6”. What’s exciting is that in the mere 18 months since the World IPv6 Launch we’re already seeing significant adoption of the larger scale address protocol. Mark in fact specifically cites how Verizon Wireless is already sending 30% of its traffic to search engine giant Google over IPv6. Other wireless operators are going straight to IPv6 for 4G and LTE deployments as well.

What does Mark see next on the horizon?

The big change is the Internet of Everything, of which IPv6 is a key enabler. As new machine-to-machine networks are built their size lends itself to the use of IPv6 for simpler address management and optimized network design. 50 billion devices aren’t easily going to fit in an IPv4 space that is already nearly tapped out.

Watch to learn more about Mark’s insight on where IPv6 is going in 2013.