Many Service Providers today are challenged by aging TDM infrastructures with limited service capabilities, high maintenance costs, and increasing operational expenses. And as the equipment is aging out, so too are the skills necessary to maintain and service this equipment. Sooner or later, these Service Providers have to face the hard truth: they have to update their networks in order to reduce costs, increase revenues, and stay competitive.

Over the past decade, Cisco and Ericsson have helped many Service Providers plan and execute a seamless, secure, and successful migration to all-IP, and now the two companies have partnered to develop a customized suite of tools and services for end-to-end planning, design and migration. With advanced automation techniques designed to streamline the migration process, Cisco and Ericsson can now take a Service Provider from planning to implementation in less time, with less risk, and less cost than ever before.

How significant is this advancement from Cisco and Ericsson? Consider the enormous challenge of migrating an entire legacy network to all IP, from project planning, to materials resourcing, to circuit data mining, to OSS integration, and operation management and support, all while maintain service availability and quality. This can be a fairly daunting process to many Service Providers.

Cisco and Ericsson work together with Service Providers to plan, manage, and implement the process end-to-end, from data collection and analysis to migration execution and service implementation, moving the Service Provider to a modern IP network while maintaining TDM service capabilities in parallel.

The TDM to IP Transformation Process
The TDM to IP Transformation Process


At the end of the process, Service Providers benefit from a network with greater reliability, higher capacity and increased service capabilities. Beyond the instant operational savings, Service Providers can use their IP network to develop and deploy new services quickly and securely, creating new opportunities for growth.

In summary, by working with Cisco and Ericsson on IP network transformation, Service Providers can realize a faster time to market, with reduced risk, and extended value, delivering higher quality, more reliable network services to their customers.

To find out more how Cisco and Ericsson can help transform the Service Provider network, visit our executives in Cape Town at AfricaCom 2017, Nov 7-9, or contact your account executive.