Cybersecurity was a main topic at the recent IP Visions Conference and Expo in St. Louis, MO this week. Cisco hosted a pre-conference workshop on Monday and cybersecurity was referenced in all the topics; three out of the five session’s main discussion points focused around cybersecurity. CCI was honored to have been selected by Cisco as one of their partners to present security during a pre-conference session.

Following the Monday afternoon workshop in the “Show Me State”, many event attendees stopped in the CCI Systems booth for hands-on “Show Me Security” demos. There visitors could witness first-hand how Cisco security products tie together to build a complete security solution supported by CCI Systems and Cisco. Products such as Umbrella “OpenDNS”, NGFW Firepower, Identity Services Engine (ISE), and Stealthwatch were all available for customers to view.

Feedback from customers and visitors that attended CCI’s presentation “Cybersecurity – Where do I start?” and the “Show Me Security” demos was positive. Folks were encouraged at how easy it is to start implementing a couple products in CCI’s “security castle” design, a multilayer approach, to start defending assets immediately.

If your organization is ready to have a solid discussion on security tools, tactics or strategy, or would like to learn more about CCI’s “security castle” approach, reach out to me, and the CCI Security Team.


Andy Erickson

Solution Director - Security

CCI Systems