Setting the Pace with the Cisco NCS 5500

September 20, 2016 - 2 Comments

We wrote recently how Cisco’s innovation machine is moving faster than ever – with the “x-speed” project that delivered several new platforms last year, including the NCS1000, NCS 5500, and enhancements to IOS XR, such as streaming telemetry, application hosting, and segment routing.

The Cisco NCS 5500 series is proving to be a big hit, for several reasons.

First of all, the IOS XR operating system has been running the backbone networks of many carriers for over a decade. It’s resilient, feature-rich with a full suite of both layer 2 and layer 3 protocols, and well operationalized.

Second, many carriers are trying to align with a software-centric, DevOps model of operations. New data-driven capabilities such as streaming telemetry enable service providers to optimize their network operations in ways that were impossible before.  Network programmability using native YANG models allows for unprecedented automation and efficiency.

And lastly, it’s proving to be remarkably adaptable to many applications. We’re seeing a number of customers seeking to transform their central offices to virtualized data centers, and NCS 5500 provides the scale, low power consumption, and software features they require. One recent design win has uncovered 16 different applications for the platform.

Hear from Kevin Wollenweber, Senior Director of Product Management about the NCS 5500.

To learn more about the Cisco NCS 55000 click here or contact your Cisco account team or authorized partner.

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  1. Okay I get it.
    I am impressed with all the new and expected technology and growth…though there is an elephant in the room.
    The economic community is not growing as fast as the technology. Tech folks of all levels and walks are scratching their heads.
    Not more than what seems a few years ago we learned about SaaS, Iaas, PaaS, etc…new acronyms and spliced four letter words are being added to our vocabulary daily like DevOps,, YANG, and Datacenter. Government oversite with rules regulations and stifling choke holds… employers want experience in new tech that is essentially only months old. Formal educational institutions are far behind the technology too and falling out of government favor (such as ITT).
    The typical entrepreneur, large and small are wondering a) where is the money in the promised growth and b) with growth comes new problems like security, equipment, training, personnel, space.
    My point is this…please tell us what is behind the mysterious curtain number one and how do we afford it? Should we wait for an answer…if so what does the future bring beyond 2020 like say 2025, 2030, 2035…? I do not want to sound cynical…but every five years the economy slows, security grows and demand gets stowed away for another day.
    Is security and compliance (SaC) driving technology? I would like to believe technology is driving the economy (TiDe)…though if that were true then Go Cisco Go.

  2. Definitely, always a step ahead, setting new and future achievements, in every customers’ solution and support needs. Thanks for the information and video.