Episode 8 of the Cisco Optics Podcast is now posted! See below for episode notes.

Cisco Optics Podcast Episode 8

Overcoming the next hurdle to get to 800G pluggable optics, a conversation with Mark Nowell, part 4 of 4.

What are the industry’s technical experts in pluggable optics thinking about today? What are the technical boundaries that the smartest minds are pushing past to make the next generation of high speed optics? In episode 8, we continue a conversation with my esteemed colleague, Mark Nowell. In this final part of our four-part conversation we conclude our discussion about thermal considerations. He cites a useful whitepaper on the QSFP-DD website which provides detailed design guidelines.

– Pat Chou, Cisco Optics Product Manager

Dr. Mark Nowell is a Cisco Fellow in Cisco’s Optics and Optical Systems Group. His focus is on next generation interconnect technology innovation to meet Cisco’s needs. Mark is also active within the industry standards and forums and has chaired multiple IEEE 802.3 Ethernet projects. He represents Cisco on various industry alliances and consortiums.  Mark also chairs a number of industry Multi-source Agreement groups focusing on next generation optical module form factors  such as QSFP-DD and QSFP-DD800, and optical interface signaling technology like the 100G Lambda MSA.

QSFP-DD Whitepaper, “Optimizing QSFP-DD Systems to Achieve at Least 25 Watt Thermal Port Performance”

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2:10 System level considerations
4:47 Where are thermals more of a problem?
6:50 QSFP-DD thermal whitepaper
9:22 QSFP-DD module shape
10:35 The nose
11:43 The fins
12:05 Air flow
15:50 Back to the thermal whitepaper
22:17 QSFP-DD 800G MSA

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