By now we’re all very, very familiar with the concept of the “video anys” – any content, any device, anytime, anywhere. But for the most part, we’re familiar with it in a consumer context, as it relates to how and where and when they watch video, on whichever device.

But what if the “anywhere” also applied industrially, to service and content providers, and as it relates to building out the kind of video cloud that supports the consumer-facing “anys”? What if the stuff of the “cloud” was wherever they wanted it to be – in their own, private data centers, or using any of the public, hosted cloud resources?

That’s the topic of the video referenced in this blog, which is all about how our Virtualized Video Processing (V2P) platform and Infinite Video solution work together. So: If the “under the hood” aspect of the video cloud is a big deal for you, the video is certainly worth a look, for three reasons

1. It’s real. Let’s face it – we’re not the only one out there building video clouds. The difference is, we have integrated real products, and in such a way as to now be able to bridge between clouds.

2. It’s synonymous with “speedy delivery.” We’ve seen Infinite Video help customers go live in as little as two weeks! And with V2P it’s a matter of standing up the virtual machines and virtual applications across any private or hosted environment, and turning on the cloud. Because of that, service providers can turn up new services very, very fast.

3. It’s resource-friendly. The Infinite Video and V2P platform enables our customers to use available resources and infrastructure, no matter where it is – their data centers, our data centers, Amazon’s data centers, doesn’t matter.

I like to explain it as “one pane of glass” across all infrastructure. Meaning it’s transparent, and because of that, operational costs are lower – as much as 33% lower, using the math of my colleague, Ben Bekele, who blogged on the topic last week.

That’s the quick recap – but do check out the video, because it goes much deeper, and shows an actual video workflow being set up across disparate clouds to deliver an OTT channel. Thanks!


George Tupy

Market Manager

Service Provider, Video Solutions