Visitors to the Cisco booth at this year’s IBC will no doubt be curious to see our new Open UX Snowflake.


Snowflake, the Videoscape Unity flagship UI, is now offered on HTML5, powered with cloud technology. As a multi-award winning UI, Snowflake never fails to turn heads, which makes it the Formula One race car of UIs. The kind you want to brag to your friends about. No matter what device subscribers use, Snowflake provides an engaging and consistent way for them to find and view video content.

At first glance, one might think that not much has changed. But like a Formula One race car, Snowflake isn’t just about good looks. It’s also about what’s under the hood.

Snowflake has a new, powerful web-based engine that makes it simpler, faster, and richer.

So what enhancements will Open UX Snowflake bring for service providers and consequently subscribers?


Simpler experience across devices


Now it’s easier than ever for service providers to deliver a consistent, branded user experience across all subscriber devices. A single branded UX serves the entire device ecosystem, with deployment models and optimization according to the device type and evolving standards.


Faster deployment of new services

Using standard web tools, service providers can rapidly deploy new features to the user experience in order to stay ahead of customer demand. They can control its lifecycle using real-time, cloud-based upgrades. And they can easily maintain multiple UX versions for different customer tiers.


Richer features and applications

Open UX offers an open, yet highly secure, application development environment that enables third-party developers to rapidly introduce new innovations. Applications may be contextual, social, news, games, weather and more. All of these apps will be offered to subscribers via the service provider application store. App developers will, of course, be offered documentation, API libraries, as well as development environment and validation tools. 


We anticipate that with Open UX Snowflake, service providers will be able to:

  • Improve customer loyalty with a more compelling, personalized, and intuitive experience across multiple devices
  • Cut costs by creating the user experience once and extending it to almost any device
  • Lower operating expenses with an easy-to-use subscriber experience, which reduces support calls
  • Rollout new features faster using standard web tools and cloud-based lifecycle management
  • Continually innovate with the ability to integrate web content and third-party apps

In short, Open UX Snowflake gives service providers the best of both worlds; control of their branded UX roadmap while enjoying Snowflake innovations.

Take the new Open UX Snowflake for a spin at the Cisco booth #1.A71.