If you’re in London this week for the 2013 Cable Congress, and have any interest in the roadmap and economics of cloud-TV, you don’t want to miss the keynote address by Jesper Andersen, SVP/GM of our Service Provider Video Technology Group.

He’s on at 4P on March 5, just after the international CTO panel.

What you’ll learn: What’s driving the transformation of television, and especially the user experience side of TV, as well as why everyone is talking about network DVR and cloud-based video infratsructure. Hint: Cloud services make for scalable infrastructure and faster ways to do more things with video.

You’ll also learn what service providers like Swisscom and KPN are experiencing, in terms of the additional ARPU and reduced costs associated with cloud-based video streaming. Sneak preview: As the average number of traditional DVR set-tops per household continues to rise, the cost-per-subscriber of providing non-cloud based time-shifted television grows three times faster.

That’s a sampling of some of the juicy details Jesper will impart in London. Hope to see you there!


David Yates

as Director of Service Provider Video Marketing at Cisco