It’s a wrap: Charter “Spectrum TV” customers who also own Roku devices can stream to their hearts’ delight — and Charter can have the peace of mind knowing that their content arrangements are safe and secure. That’s because Cisco and Roku are working together to simplify and speed up the deployment of Cisco VideoGuard Everywhere video service protection for streaming apps on Roku devices.

Roku is pre-integrating our VideoGuard Everywhere in its firmware, starting next month. It will be on all Roku device models, and will be auto-upgraded on Roku devices already in homes. Integrating security into an app is done easily using our APIs (Application Program Interfaces) with the Roku BrightScript development language.


Ease of deployment is one important factor — feature richness is another. With VideoGuard Everywhere, Charter is inserting advanced security functionality into the Spectrum TV app on Roku, including secure VOD and linear content, and enforcement of device concurrency limits — meaning the number of devices that can be simultaneously used to watch content from a single account.

Charter is a leading VideoGuard Everywhere customer, having deployed our software-based security solution across its service suite — on Worldbox, for television viewing, and the Spectrum TV app running on PCs, tablets and phones.

We’ve been delighted to work with both companies to deliver the protection Charter needs while allowing a consistent multiscreen experience for subscribers.

If you wish to read more, check out the press release and see what everyone had to say about it.

Thanks, Charter and Roku, for the enjoyable and rewarding collaboration!


Michal Brenner

Marketing Manager

Service Provider Video Marketing