Seamless cross-access convergence enables service providers to run their networks more efficiently, offering customers a better quality of experience and greater reliability.

Growing customer demands for flexible services, alongside developing trends such as the internet of things, network as a service, and virtual reality, are creating opportunities for service providers to grow their businesses and discover new markets.

But at the same time, networks are coming under pressure. Infrastructures are becoming more complex. And service providers are accessing cloud resources from multiple suppliers.

If providers want to be able to stay in control of multi-cloud, multi-vendor networks, they’ll need to take a new approach. One that enables them to blend different types of connection at as low a cost as possible.

New Opportunities Through Seamless Connectivity

Cisco has been working hard on developing technology that can support service providers’ network transformations as they prepare for a 5G world. Our new platform, Cisco 5G PowerX, uses technologies such as automation and machine learning to enable providers to simplify their operations. It’s an open, programmable architecture that breaks down silos, providing connectivity from the cloud to the customer.

An important feature of the platform is enabling providers to supply uninterrupted broadband connectivity across 4G, 5G, wireline and Wi-Fi access. This seamless X-access connectivity creates many new business opportunities.

It means that service providers can provide their customers with higher bandwidths and better reliability for a low additional cost. They can direct traffic across different access types to provide enhanced broadband services. And offer options like a hot standby, where their customers are guaranteed a connection, even when their regular access goes down.

The seamless cross-access convergence enabled by our 5G platform mean that service providers can offer their customers a better experience and exciting new services. And by maximising the potential of their infrastructure, our 5G platform helps service providers keep their costs down and operate competitively, even when they’re new to the mobility market.

Business Growth Through Network Transformation

Our experience on projects like this puts Cisco in a strong position to support your network transformation, opening up new opportunities. By supporting your customers’ digital transformation, we can help you succeed in a 5G future.


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Patricia Lopez

Marketing Manager

Service Provider Marketing EMEAR