We are very pleased with our partnership with TIM. As mentioned in my other blog covering TIM Safeweb, we are working with TIM to further digitization of businesses and public- sector organizations in Italy. We are now expanding further on this goal with the beginning of the first 5G applications and services testing.

In the industrial field, our experimentation with 5G networks is focused on the mobile connection of robots, machines and production line. The purpose of this is for the development of new monitoring applications, based on real-time collection of data from the plants. Our strategy provides multiple advantages:

  • an increase in productivity with reduced costs
  • the possibility of more easily reconfiguring machines and production lines for greater flexibility
  • the availability of a flow of data and information that can be analyzed in real time for preventive maintenance

The solution is based on mobile 5G TIM connection services integrated with our Cisco Ultra Domain Center network technologies, which are installed on Mobile Edge Computing nodes

The experimentation will be conducted in partnership with Exprivia-Italtel as a technological integrator, Fanuc as a supplier of the robots, and with the collaboration of other important national manufacturing companies, which guide the test requirements in their respective industrial applications.

The high number of sensors and objects connected to each other through 5G networks allows the development of innovative services. This development happens from the correlation between different data, information, and applications. The greater bandwidth and possibility of delivering services from “nodes” off the Cisco network placed near devices and users, increases speed and decreases latency. All of which allows TIM to offer citizens new generation services enhanced by innovative technologies like augmented reality.

The application areas of experimentation cover video surveillance with image analysis applications using artificial intelligence, environmental monitoring services, mobility and transport.

We are making important progress for the digitization of Italy and Italian cities. All these technologies together will deeply affect the way they do business and the way they live.

Together, we are delivering digital services and solutions that are increasingly sophisticated, but at the same time easily accessible. Innovation is in both of our DNA making this partnership a perfect match.


Michael Glickman

Senior Vice President

Global Service Provider