We at Cisco have successfully achieved a key milestone with Etisalat UAE which is to deploy the first segment routing technology in the region over its international network with closed-loop automation. Together, we are introducing automation and software-defined networking (SDN) to the service provider’s Emirates Internet Exchange (EMIX) network, deploying cutting-edge technologies that set the foundation for new opportunities and business models.

For a while now, Etisalat has been implementing advanced networking solutions to create simplicity, improved scalability and to enhance levels of network automation for its customers. Now, they are leveraging our advanced automation and segment-routing framework to: enable software-defined intelligence, closed-loop automation, a self-healing network and intent-based networking in the EMIX network.

Implementing segment routing, which allows for very precise control of how the network transports applications, and advanced network automation, enables Etisalat to rearrange its resources to focus on tasks that provide a higher return on investment.

The combination of segment routing and Cisco’s Network Service Orchestrator (NSO), empowers EMIX to offer a better quality of service through reduced human error, less repetitive, manual work and faster development processes.

There is a promising future for the EMIX network. Because it operates in a rapidly developing market with substantial growth opportunities, the operator always must be one step ahead to improve the customer experience. Its aim is to become a more agile operator to meet changing customer behavior, introducing new services at the touch of a button, and setting new expectations with everything on demand.

Etisalat has bold ambitions for the delivery of next-generation services by lowering the operational costs, improving performance and introducing new insights into network behavior with proactive control. Together, we are helping Etisalat break new grounds in automation, SDN solutions and world-class technical support.



Michael Glickman

Senior Vice President

Global Service Provider