We call it our Virtualized Video Processor, or “V2P”. Shaw Communications gave it a much more consumer-friendly name — “Free Range TV,” which launched during this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. In this video interview, Cisco VP of Product Management, Jeff Seebeck discusses the over-arching design elements that made our V2P a core building block at one of our favorite Canadian operators. Bottom line: it’s cloud-based and rife with APIs, for service agility. Its open, for a broader development base. And, it now comes with two new elements: Cloud Object Storage, important for the surge in video-centric apps, cloud DVR, and archiving; and a Media Distribution Platform for CDN-centric operations. If your TV everywhere design goals include obviating hardware costs through virtualization, getting to market more quickly with more services, and adding the kinds of IP-based services that introduce additional revenue generating possibilities, V2P is the answer!


George Tupy

Market Manager

Service Provider, Video Solutions